Coolest Shadow Art + My Addiction to Novelty

By | October 19, 2008

I sometimes feel addicted to a constant flow of “newness.” I’m lucky to have a job where there is something new and challenging daily and at home I get my “newness” from the Internet.  Can you relate?

What is actually happening in my brain is that when I experience something new, like the photos below,  nerve cells in my ventral striatum release dopamine, which stimulates feelings of enjoyment and pleasure.

Today I did something new, I attended a benefit for a girl named Sammy in Woodland, CA who is recovering from cancer. There were three bands, some Sacramento Kings dancers, bikers, a rock wall, donated food, a “poker run” and a 50/50 raffle. My awesome friend who looks like Gillian Anderson helped put it together. I think she was the main organizer. Then, after a few hours I got restless. No more newness. I felt a withdrawal feeling and had to leave.

Back at home, on the net, I found something new again, something that gave me a several minute dopamine high.  This is that newness:

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