Cool find in hunt for exoplanets

By | December 5, 2009

Image of GJ 758BAstronomers have published an image of the coolest planet outside our solar system that has been pictured directly.

The new find is more similar to our own Solar System than prior pictured exoplanets, in terms of the parent star's type and the planet's size.

However, the surface temperature is a scorching 280-370C, and could still prove to be a brown dwarf star.

The results, published in Astrophysical Journal, were obtained by a new camera on the Subaru telescope in Hawaii.

Among more than 400 known exoplanets, only 10 have been imaged directly, rather than detecting them via measurements of their parent stars' light or movement.

The task is notoriously difficult, akin to discerning a match next to a floodlight at a distance of kilometres. …

via BBC News – Cool find in hunt for exoplanets.

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