Concerned about the LHC? No Problem: Get Black Hole Bunker.

By | September 12, 2008

Black Hole describes its protective device:

… the view from inside will be far more spectacular than the most amazing rollercoaster, as you watch the mass of the planet being drawn towards what used to be Geneva but is now becoming more of an event horizon. Then, as the last living beings in the universe, you can watch the rest of it also fall through the event horizon. Our technicians advise us that this may appear to take some time as time appears to slow closing in on the event horizon of the black hole, so we have designed our bunkers to be fully life supporting for up to 3 weeks, which we figure would be about as long as you would want to watch it anyway.

How does it work?

… Very similar to the personal containment models but in reverse, we generate an external null-gravitational field around the bunker automatically once you are inside. With a gravitational pull resistant structure, we are able to stop the gravitational field affecting the bunker and its inhabitants, (note this means there will be no gravity inside the bunker, great fun for the kids!) The field is generated automatically so there is no technical knowledge required. We can’t divulge the specifics of field generation but everything that has mass has gravitational pull, the less mass, the less gravitational pull, so to create negative gravitational field we go beyond small mass, into nothingness. The generator pretty much makes a non-existent field. (This is why we don’t have showrooms, the bunker would appear invisible!) The pictures you see here are from a personal sized disabled unit in testing in outback Australia. – bhb

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