Computers ‘could store entire life by 2026′

By | December 20, 2006

Computers could store entire life by 2026

A device the size of a sugar cube will be able to record and store high resolution video footage of every second of a human life within two decades, experts said yesterday. Researchers said governments and societies must urgently debate the implications of the huge increases in computing power and the growing mass of information being collected on individuals. … “In 20 years’ time it will be possible to record high quality digital video of an entire lifetime of human memories. It’s not a question of whether it will happen; it’s already happening.” – telegraph

See holographic memory. Debate? Don’t make me laugh! Humans always just DO whatever can be done. Our species never avoids a technological advance due to the possible moral consequences.? Atom bombs, global warming, depleting the oceans, the ozone hole, over population, these are all the results of technological advancement devoid of long term planning.

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