Computer Problems Eat Hours and Hours of time.

By | October 6, 2008

Computer Problems Eat Hours and Hours of timeRANTS:

– Don’t buy an Acer 5610 laptop. They overheat and shut off without warning, screwing your entire operating system. ( At first I thought it was a virus, but the problem continues with a freshly installed OS. )

– Don’t think Maxtor backup software will get you out of trouble if your computer crashes. If you have a Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini external hard drive backing up your data, note: 1) DriveProtect is not compatible with SafetyDrill. If you encrypt your  external drive with Maxtor’s software (DriveProtect) you won’t be able to use Maxtor’s software (SafetyDrill) to get your data back. 2) Save the Maxtor Manager software that comes on the OneTouch Mini on an external USB drive. They refuse to provide the software on their web site, despite complaints about this over a year old. You have to email them requesting it (and they don’t auto reply).

– Don’t expect to install Vista in the same time it takes to install Windows XP. The Windows Vista installation process may take several hours on some systems. I’m going back to XP Pro as soon as Maxtor sends me a link to the software I need.

Okay, this was exactly the video I needed to see right now. (Warning: strong language) I about laughed my arse off because I realized, watching someone else have a real honest to god hissy fit, that we are like junkies. We are addicts. We are sick. (See IAD).

2 thoughts on “Computer Problems Eat Hours and Hours of time.

  1. Cerebroplasty

    Perhaps you should consider switching to Linux. However, bad hardware will be problematic whichever operating system you use. Linux may even uncover certain hardware problems quicker than Windows does (because Linux will use all your available memory more productively than Windows).

    Microsoft is an evil company. Not only greedy but actively malicious. Windows is a castle built on sand, layer upon layer of dodgy code kept for bug-for-bug “backwards compatibility”. Microsoft doesn’t refactor it and fix it because doing so might break some application somewhere which relies on the broken behaviour – and also because they don’t know exactly what it does.

    When you run Linux you’re running code written by people who want your computer to work properly. Linux supports more devices than Windows, indeed more devices than any other operating system. Although some newer devices aren’t yet supported, that is due to the hardware manufacturers refusing to release specifications (often they write buggy Windows drivers and keep it closed-source) and many of them are coming around to the understanding that it is to their benefit to assist the open source community to write open source drivers. The benefit of an open source community-written driver is (1) a better quality product (because it’s been reviewed by more people, (2) cheaper for the company than writing it themselves, and (3) the driver is maintained and modified as needed for future versions of linux, with no effort required on behalf of the company.

  2. Xeno Post author

    I love the idea of Linux (and other open source software donated for the good of all) .. but is there a free guitar tuner for Linux that listens with your computer’s microphone? How about a metronome that is really adjustable as far as what sounds it plays, what time signature you are in, and so on? Professional level multi-track audio and MIDI recording and editing? Could I use my VST plug-ins? Could I plug in and download via USB my WMV files from my hand held audio recorder? Could I convert them to MP3’s? And how much time would it take me to lean how to do all the things (tricks, patches, utilities, etc.) under a new OS? Windows XP works fairly well now after years of patches and the main point is that there is more software available under Windows.

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