Complete 1920’s Subway System Discovered, East Long Island

By | July 10, 2006

Complete 1920s Subway System Discovered East Long IslandI think this is a hoax, but it is fun to read. I find no mention of Kratz in the NY subway history.

Ivan Kratz, between 1900 and 1925, had made millions by building the New York City Subway System. His work was good, but the way he went about securing contracts was crooked. … Kratz, between 1925 and 1929, had secretly constructed an enormous underground subway system that he called the South Fork Subway. It has its main terminus right under the open plaza in downtown Montauk. … ?It?s all in place,? Larson said at the press conference. His eyes welled up with tears. ?The whole thing. We?ve been through it from end to end. And it?s all there. It has the same white ceramic tiles on the walls that they have in the New York Subway. The names of all the stations in blue tiles. There are eighteen stations. And all we have to do to make this whole thing operational is bring in a modern air exchange system to the tunnels, build some escalators to get down to the platforms to bring this up to code … and bring in some subway cars. The track gauge is also from the New York Subway. In fact, we believe that all these materials were FROM the New York Subway system. Stuff supposedly ?stolen? by Kratz and brought out here. It?s all amazing. And it is an answer to our prayers. The transportation nightmare in the Hamptons is over.? … Someone asked the locations of all the underground subway stations and he told them. There is one under the parking lot at the Montauk Lighthouse…” – dans

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