Competition: Win a piece of moon rock

By | June 12, 2009

Enter our competition and you could win this piece of moon rockWOULD you like to own this little piece of the moon?

Depending on which time zone you happen to be in, 20 or 21 July 2009 sees the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing.

Our competition to celebrate that historic event offers a rare and fabulous prize for the winner: a scrap of genuine moon rock.

The competition is simple to enter. You will doubtless know the words relayed from Neil Armstrong when he stepped off Apollo 11’s lunar module and onto the moon itself: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Can you think of something better for him to have said – something even more memorable, or perhaps something funnier?

How to enter

Your entry should be no more than 75 characters long (including spaces).

Use the comment form at the foot of this article to submit your answer.

Please start a new thread, rather than replying to an existing comment.

Please remember to include a working email address (in the correct box in the form, not in the comment itself) so we can reach you if you are our winner. It won’t be used for any purpose other than the competition.

The winning entry will be chosen from entries received by 5pm GMT on 29 June.

It will be published in the 18 July issue of New Scientist, along with the best runners up.

The editor’s decision is final.

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Uh, submit your entry over at New Scientist, I don’t have a moon rock to give you… just relaying the message about a cool competition. Several are along the lines of this:

Are you sure they won’t be able to tell this is a soundstage? Whoops — OK, take 2.

See my old Moan Hoax Debate article.

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