Comet observations upend scientists? beliefs

By | December 16, 2006

Comet observations upend scientists beliefs

Scientists expected the minute grains retrieved from a comet Wild 2 to be made up mostly of interstellar dust ? tiny particles that flow through the solar system thought to be from ancient stars that exploded and died.

Instead, they found an unusual mix of primordial material as if the solar system had turned itself inside out. Hot particles from the inner solar system migrated out to the cold, outer fringes beyond Pluto where they intermingled and congealed to form a comet. … How material from the inner solar system could have ended up in comets is still a mystery. – msnbc

Who says the material is from OUR inner solar system? I think this shows that our solar system was created from a collision of two or more earlier solar systems.

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  1. George Sagi

    My April 2010 posting is about solid, frictionles, massless, inelastic, extremely small spherical particles, primordial particles, that are the building blocks of matter and of the universe. P-particles and their bound clusters are also the cause of gravitational energy and the missing mass of the universe.

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