Come Out of the White House with Your Hands Up!

By | May 9, 2006

Come Out of the White House with Your Hands Up

Ex-Bush Official Busts 9/11 Perps at U.W. Historical Society

An enthusiastic standing-room-only crowd packed the Wisconsin Historical Society auditorium Saturday to hear ex-Bush Administration insider Morgan Reynolds prosecute top administration and military officials for the 9/11 inside job.

Reynolds indicted Richard Cheney, George W. Bush, former Joint Chiefs Chairman Richard Meyers, confessed WTC demolisher and insurance-fraudster Larry Silverstein, and others for mass murder, conspiracy, and other charges including high treason. – more

But what about Moussaoui? He confessed, right? After years of saying he was not involved, one day in court recently, he changed his story. Why? Perhaps he wanted to become a martyr. Or perhaps it was the stun belt he wore that day. He has now reverted to his old story, that he was not involved.

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