Cobra Venom Erases Arthritis Symptoms

By | January 14, 2010

Cobra Venom Erases Arthritis SymptomsIn 2002, arthritis sufferer Joe de Casa was working in his Northamptonshire garden in England when a venomous snake bit him. After surviving the bite, de Casa, who struggles with arthritis, claimed that the following months provided his only pain-free days in years.

Such anecdotal claims, including teachings in India’s centuries’ old Ayurveda traditional medicine system, may hold some truth. Venom from cobras may not only treat arthritis, but also prevent further damage from the condition.

Scientists have just determined that Indian monocellate cobra venom displayed anti-arthritic activity during lab tests on rodents, according to a paper that will be in the February-March issue of the journal Toxicon.

While clinical trials on humans are still needed, a cobra venom arthritis ointment is in the works, lead author Antony Gomes told Discovery News.

“We have already prepared such an oil-based preparation (for topical application), which is showing very promising results on humans,” Gomes, a professor of physiology at the University of Calcutta, said.

“As soon as the patent protocol (period) is over, we wish to go for industrial collaboration for marketing,” he added.

For the study, Gomes and his colleagues induced arthritis in lab rats by injecting them with a saline and olive oil solution containing tuberculosis bacteria, which can cause arthritis.

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One thought on “Cobra Venom Erases Arthritis Symptoms

  1. Joe da Casa

    I was the “victim” of a minor snake bite from a humble adder in 2002. My subsequent pain relief from arthritis was observed, recorded, and reported to various potentially interested parties at the time. IT WAS NOT A COBRA. However some of the constituents of cobra venom are much the same as those found in other snakes, and the dosage is rather bigger than most when cobras are involved!

    There have been some slightly over-dramatised reports circulating around about my experience, and I thought it might be helpful to bring things down to a more mundane level.

    I certainly do not wish to be bitten again, either by an adder, or any other snake.

    Furthermore the analgesic effects were quite localised around my left hand and wrist (where the bite occurred), and lasted for about ten days, before tailing off.

    I understand that various research centres in places as far apart as India, Israel and Plymouth, have all been pursuing this line of inquiry, and their findings so far all seem to refer to or quote/misquote my case.

    Sad, isn’t it, that not one of those organisations, nor any of the media who have reported their activities, in every case quoting my name even after 8 years, has had the common courtesy to give me so much as a phone call to tell me what, if anything, they have discovered. My name is in the ordinary Northamptonshire phone book, so I was not an elusive person to track down.

    Funny world we all live in!

    Joe da Casa.
    Silverstone, Northants, UK.

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