Clue to male baldness discovered

By | March 22, 2012

A biological clue to male baldness has been discovered, raising the prospect of a treatment to stop or even reverse thinning hair.

In studies of bald men and laboratory mice, US scientists pinpointed a protein that triggers hair loss.

Drugs that target the pathway are already in development, they report in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

The research could lead to a cream to treat baldness.

Most men start to go bald in middle age, with about 80% of men having some hair loss by the age of 70.

The male sex hormone testosterone plays a key role, as do genetic factors. They cause the hair follicles to shrink, eventually becoming so small that they are invisible, leading to the appearance of baldness.

Reverse balding?

Now, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have analysed which genes are switched on when men start to go bald.

They found levels of a key protein called prostaglandin D synthase are elevated in the cells of hair follicles located in bald patches on the scalp, but not in hairy areas.

Mice bred to have high levels of the protein went completely bald, while transplanted human hairs stopped growing when given the protein.

Prof George Cotsarelis, of the department of dermatology, who led the research, said: “Essentially we showed that prostaglandin protein was elevated in the bald scalp of men and that it inhibited hair growth. So we identified a target for treating male-pattern baldness.

“The next step would be to screen for compounds that affect this receptor and to also find out whether blocking that receptor would reverse balding or just prevent balding – a question that would take a while to figure out.”

The inhibition of hair growth is triggered when the protein binds to a receptor on the cells of hair follicles, said Prof Cotsarelis.

Several known drugs that target this pathway have already been identified, he added, including some that are in clinical trials.

The researchers say there is potential for developing a treatment that can be applied to the scalp to prevent baldness and possibly help hair regrow. …

via BBC News – Clue to male baldness discovered.


London, May 10 :  …Scientists, including an Indian-origin specialist, are to begin trial, of what they claim is an `instant’ cure for baldness, in the UK this week.

The breakthrough procedure developed in the US claims to halt, and perhaps reverse, many types of male pattern baldness.

Later this week, 20 British patients will be offered the chance to sample the new treatment, which takes just 30 minutes, reports the Daily Express.

They will be injected with a mixture of platelet-rich plasma taken from their own blood and Acell, a powder extracted from pig bladders.

Gary Hitzig has successfully treated more than 200 patients in the US.

He is coming to the UK to perform the treatment with Raghu Reddy, a leading hair restoration specialist, at The Private Clinic in London’s Harley Street.

Reddy said: “It is as close as we have come to a cure for male baldness.”

The treatment first forms a protective barrier around healthy, hair-growing cells to prevent further loss.

Then it duplicates the surrounding tissue which means that if there are any healthy hair-growing stem cells near the treatment area they will be duplicated and hair will return. (ANI) …

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