Warming is Real. North Pole May Melt In Total by September

By | June 28, 2008

Warming is Real North Pole May Melt In Total by SeptemberBy September this year, all of the ice at the North Pole may melt for the first time ever. Do “global warming is a lie” people also believe someone in Nigeria wants to give them millions of dollars? Time to wake up.

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Warming deniers have been tricked by years of Big Oil propaganda, delivered by people like Rush Limbaugh.

The August 13 issue of Newsweek … reports, in an extensive article titled “The Truth About Denial“, that the oil companies are orchestrating a well-funded effort at misinformation and out-right lies.

The article is extensive, and damning – and it cites specifics in this multi-decade effort by big oil to lie to the American public, and highlights the support they’ve had in this effort from the Republicans in Congress and in the White House.

The concerted, deliberate intentional effort to lie to the American public is well-documented:

Groups that opposed greenhouse curbs ramped up. They “settled on the ‘science isn’t there’ argument because they didn’t believe they’d be able to convince the public to do nothing if climate change were real,” says David Goldston, who served as Republican chief of staff for the House of Representatives science committee until 2006. – wbb

2 thoughts on “Warming is Real. North Pole May Melt In Total by September

  1. Ray Bilbo

    Global warming is nothing but bad science and buying carbon credits. I can assure you that the ruling DICTATOR of Nigeria WANTS MONEY FROM EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD for their carbon credits.

    So, have you been to JunkScience.com? They are offering a reward of $500,000.00 for any scientist that can prove anthropomorphic global warming even exists!
    No one has taken the challenge in months and months.

    Why does the founder of the weather channel want to sue Al Gore for fraud against the United States?

    Those who believe in anthropomorphic Global Warming are like lemmings to one world order.

    Those who believe in global warming

  2. Xeno Post author

    All ice at the North Pole melting for the first time is not bad science. You have been tricked by propaganda and you are still spouting it despite the evidence in front of your eyes.

    JunkScience.com, is run by someone paid by industry to sway public opinion where industry financial interests are at stake.

    ….Junkscience.com isn’t offering anything, and won’t have to pay a cent regardless of the amount of proof shown of anything.

    1. The man offering the sham “prize” (Steven Milloy) is also the sole judge of who “wins”. Therefore nobody will ever win, regardless of the proof.

    If Steve Milloy were an honest man, he’d put the prize money (which I seriously doubt he even has) in escrow, and appoint neutral judges to determine the award.

    2. In addition to proving that global waming is caused by man — which is so easy anyone can do it — you ALSO have to do something impossible: prove an unprovable statement about future economic activity.

    I hereby offer a prize of ten billion dollars to anyone who can prove that Steven Milloy is an honest man. (And that God exists). And I’m the sole judge of the award. No takers? Milloy must be a liar then.

    Regarding Al Gore: “In fall of 2007 [John Coleman] described the current concern over global warming “a fictional, manufactured crisis, and a total scam.” [3]

    Coleman says, “some dastardly scientists with environmental and political motives manipulated long term scientific data to create an illusion of rapid global warming.”

    I supposed Coleman thinks the disappearing ice at the north pole is an illusion created by thousands of dastardly scientists? Gimme a break.

    John Coleman has an undergraduate degree … He has no advanced degrees. He is a freakin TV weatherman. His college website calls him a “TV Personality” Not a scientist. Not a Masters Degree or PhD in anything let alone meterology or climatology. –topix

    Anyway, you are probably right about everything you say, and by the way, I have $2.64 million US dollars in a box right here with me. It was left to me by a Nigerian business man who died in a plane crash and he had no family. I can’t spend this money due to legal reasons. I need a US investor to help me. I will give half of it to you. All I need is for you to send me a small deposit of $135,000 so I can ship the money to you. You see, the box of money I want to send you is very heavy and so the postage will be expensive. Respond urgently.

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