Geller: Psychic led Americans to Saddam

By | November 9, 2006

Geller Psychic led Americans to Saddam

Did a clairvoyant help U.S. commandos ferret Saddam Hussein out of his hiding place in Iraq three years ago?Israeli-born celebrity psychic Uri Geller, best known for his spoon-bending antics, says the power of the paranormal led U.S. troops to the fugitive Iraqi ex-dictator.”You remember when they found Saddam Hussein in Iraq? A soldier walked over to a rock, lifted it and then found a trap-door and found him in there,” Geller told Reuters.”Well, I know that that soldier walked over to that rock because he got information from a ‘remote viewer’ from the United States.”Geller, who says he worked for the Central Intelligence Agency during the Cold War, said his information came from a high-level source involved in U.S. paranormal programs.A U.S. military spokesman in Iraq had no immediate comment. At the time of his capture, U.S. commanders said a source close to the fugitive had given him up under interrogation.

A Brazilian psychic tried last year to claim a $25 million bounty offered for Saddam’s capture, saying he had described the hiding place in letters to the U.S. government. – reuters

One option, the one I’d lay odds on, is that remote viewing is actually worthless despite it’s use by our government, but the hype around it causes other countries to spend resources looking at dead ends, and to believe we have super psychic powers, etc. Disinformation.

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