Claim: Car that runs on water invented

By | July 31, 2012

A Pakistani engineer has built a car that runs on water, a feat that left onlookers astounded.

Engineer Waqar Ahmad drove his car using water as fuel Thursday during a demonstration for parliamentarians, scientists and students, Dawn reported from this Pakistan capital.

He said cars could be driven by a system fuelled by water instead of petrol or CNG.

The onlookers were taken aback when they saw it and a cabinet sub-committee lauded the ‘Water Fuel Kit Project’.

The media report explained that the water fuelling system is a technology in which ‘hydrogen bonding’ with distilled water produces hydrogen gas to run the car.

Ahmad had earlier told Religious Affairs Minister Syed Khurshid Ahmad Shah about the unique project and it was taken to the federal cabinet which asked its sub—committee to discuss it.

During the demonstration, Shah himself drove the car.

The minister said that Ahmad would be given complete

security and the formula would be kept secure.

via The Hindu : Today’s Paper / IN SCHOOL : Car that runs on water invented.

Pakistani engineer has successfully developed a unique technology that uses water as fuel in vehicles instead of petrol or CNG, a feat once considered a farfetched dream. Waqar Ahmad drove his car using water as fuel on Thursday during a demonstration for Pakistani parliamentarians, scientists and students.

He claimed that on one litre of water a 1000 CC car can cover a distance of 40 km and a motorbike can run up to 150 km using this technology. … The water fueling system is a technology in which ‘hydrogen bonding’ with distilled water produces hydrogen gas to run the car.

via TimesOfIndia

Minister for Science and Technology Mir Changez Khan Jamali described the concept as a pioneering effort which could play a role in overcoming the energy crisis.

He said the technology would be this year’s Independence Day gift to the nation.

The minister said all required tests and experiments would be completed in two weeks and all stakeholders, including the PEC, National University of Science and Technology, entrepreneurs in the automobiles industry and researchers, were involved in discussions on the project.

The water fuelling system is a simple technology in which ‘hydrogen bonding’ with distilled water produces hydrogen gas to run a car engine. The technology will be considerably cheaper than CNG and petrol.


This via wikipedia:

Engg. Agha Waqar Ahmad is Pakistani Engineer who has claimed that he invented a successful water fulled car on 30 July 2012 on a popular TV Show.[1] Agha Waqar claimed on very popular TV show News Night With Talat Husain on Dawn TV that he was working on this project from the last three years and after so much hard work finally he is able to invent a water kit device that can split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Agha claimed that the device will use water as fuel instead of gasoline. The device purportedly split water into its component elements, hydrogen. The hydrogen was then burned to generate energy. In addition to claims of car that run exclusively on water, there have also been claims that burning hydrogen fuel increases mileage. …

If simple electrolysis worked to make hydrogen from clean H2O, then we would have water powered cars already. Most Engineers, Mechanics are taught, it takes more energy to produce enough energy to propel a car, therefore it will never work. You cannot break the laws of physics. They say you will not get enough BTU‘s from hydrogen or egas to push an ICE motor. They are right, Gasoline gets too hot, and 78% of the energy produced goes right out the exhaust pipe. A complete waste of energy is applied everyday we drive our present vehicles and also the heat contributes to the Global warming. With “On Board Electrolysis” with egas or supplied by hydrogen tanks, you don’t need all this heat. What you need is strong combustion to push the piston down. Hydrogen is 2-1/2 times more combustion power than gasoline, with less heat! The inventors below manage to propel a car on hydrogen, Many of the inventors lives were threatened. Yull Brown had shots fired into his kitchen, Stanley Meyers was threatened and eventually poisoned, a few months later, Yull Brown dies of old age. Andrija Puharich mysteriously fell down a flight of stairs. Carl Cella died in prison… here is the list of people who have try to invent water fuelled vehicles.

Inventors List
William Nicholson (1799) experimented with electrolysis.
Isaac de Rivas (1805) He made the first water car.
Rev. William Cecil (1820)
Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir (1860) 2nd car that ran on water as fuel.
Luther Wattles (1897)
Rudolf A. Erren (1930)
Henry “Dad” Garrett (1932) from Texas.
Michael A. Peavey (1956) Wrote the “Water as Fuel” book
William A Rhodes (1967)
Yull Brown (1970–1998)
Daniel Dingle (1970–2009)
Francisco Pacheco (1972)
Rodger Billings (1976)
Archie Blue (1950’s)
Robert Zweig (1978)
Dr. Ruggero Santilli (1978 – alive)
Sam Leslie Leach (1978)
Steven Horvath (1978 – alive) Use of radiolysis to a hydrogen cell.
Carl Cella (1978 – died in prison) Heavymetal Rocker/ Water powered Cadilillac
Stan Meyer (1980–1998, murdered)
Herman P. Anderson (1983–2004, died of old age)
Andrija Puharich (1918–1995)
Joe Cell (Joe X) (1990- TILL THE COWS COME HOME)
Paulo Mateiro (2000)
Bob Boyce (1980 – forever)
Peter Lowrie(2004) He used to run a yahoo forum called EgasPower and had Heeither gave up or sold out.
Edward Estevel
Dr. Cliff Ricketts (1996–2012)
Steve Ryan (motorcycle 2005 & on)
Thushara Priyamal Edirisinghe (2008- on)

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    Eventually someone will succeed in making this technology a national standard. It’s absolutely 100% inevitable, as economic necessity will obviously dictate. Just as likely Pakistan as anywhere.

    1. Xeno Post author

      You need to ask the minister. As the article says, “The minister said that Ahmad would be given complete security and the formula would be kept secure.”

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