CIA Leak Case, The Armitage Ploy

By | August 30, 2006

CIA Leak Case The Armitage Ploy

Brent Budowsky: The ‘sheep’ story is that Armitage acted as the ‘lone gossip-slinger’ who set in motion a long chain of dominos that has resulted, so far, in Libby being indicted. The real story is actually one of vicious political revenge for ‘disloyalty,’ that involved orchestrated attacks on multiple fronts against the Wilsons and the CIA, apparently ordered by Cheney (covering for Bush?) and for which Libby LIED to protect Cheney. Don’t fall for the Armitage cover story, Fitzgerald hasn’t shut his operation down despite having known about Armitage from the very beginning. The Wiki Plame Affair Timeline does a good job of showing Cheney to be the nexus from which all the intentional ‘outing’ emanates:

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