‘Chupacabra’ Had Dog Mother

By | August 27, 2006

Chupacabra Had Dog Mother

The lab can’t identify the breed of dog, yet they found the creature from Maine has a dog mother. The problem, they say, is that the DNA “sample was really degraded”. This was according to Dr. Irv Kornfield of the University of Maine molecular forensics lab where the tests were done. Is DNA hardy? Somtimes. Read this:

“Four years after the massive post-9/11 DNA identification efforts began, scientists say they have learned how to effectively test thousands of DNA samples. New technology allows investigators to do a better job of linking men to their family lines (female DNA is easier to match). And, perhaps more importantly, DNA has shown itself to be a remarkably hardy substance, often impervious — at least temporarily — to the worst the world can throw at it.

In fact, scientists were able to pull usable DNA out of about half of 15,000 bone fragments recovered from the World Trade Center site after 9/11, even after they spent time “soaking in jet fuel, fire and water,” said Kevin McElfresh, executive director of the Bode Technology Group, a DNA analysis laboratory. – wired

If they can ID people’s families with DNA from 9/11, determining the breed of an animal should be possible, even simple, right? Perhaps. The article says the Maine Creature mystery is solved. Or is it?

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