Chupacabra Caught in Daylight on Police Dash Camera?

By | August 16, 2008

A strange animal, suspected to be the legendary chupucabra, has been spotted in a Texas town.

Are there spikes on its back? Wings? Perhaps not. And it doesn’t look like an alien … but there is still some mystery here.  The sheriff is baffled. Is it just a coyote with mange?  The animal caught on camera before dusk on a back road in Cuero, Texas on 6:31 PM, 8/8/2008. It is about the size of a coyote, but hairless and with a long snout. Mange could explain the lack of hair, but it also seems to have longer back legs than its front legs, and to hops a bit as it runs.

One witness to the chupacabra told a person I interviewed that the chupacabra he saw seemed to float and that it ran “like Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble” with its body staying still and it’s legs moving fast. That doesn’t seem like what we are seeing here.

The synchronicity is interesting. Physical evidence is produced by police officers for two famous monsters, one on 8/8/08, a supposedly lucky day.  What’s up with the alleged bigfoot corpse?

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  1. Lance Burnside

    Yeah, I’m not sure if that is a chupacabra but it is definatly wierd…
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