Christopher Dorner: body found in burned out cabin. Captured audio indicates cops burned him to death on purpose

By | February 13, 2013

Christopher Dorner: body found in burned out cabin. Captured audio indicates cops burned him to death on purposeA voice in this video seems to be saying “burn it down!” I guess they burned the cabin. Was that after they told news agencies to cut the live feed? If it is him inside they ended the problem and killed the hostages along with Dorner. If it isn’t really him … well, no reason to suspect that yet.

The identity of the remains had not been confirmed.

However, Christopher Dorner, a former Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer, was believed to be the suspect who was surrounded by armed police marksmen in the cabin near Big Bear, California after a gunfight in which one policeman died and another was injured.

After a stand-off that lasted four hours, Swat teams broke the cabin windows, pumped in tear gas and called for Dorner to surrender over a loudspeaker, according to the LA Times. When they got no reply, they deployed a vehicle to rip down the cabin walls.

It did so “one by one, like peeling an onion,” an unnamed law enforcement official told the newspaper. When it got to the last wall, a single gunshot was heard, before flames began to spread through the structure.

Officers waited for the flames to die down before entering the cabin to search for a body. Shortly later, NBC and local KTLA 5 television both reported that a body believed to be Dorner’s had been found in the cabin.

KTLA 5 television cited LAPD spokesman Andrew Smith as saying: “We believe he is dead. We believe he was in that cabin. We believe he was burned up in that cabin.”

Mr Smith had earlier said that the LAPD was getting its information from the San Bernadino County Sheriff’s office, the lead agency in the operation near Big Bear, two hours to the east of Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day Dorner is understood to have shot two sheriff’s deputies during an exchange of fire. It was later confirmed that one of the deputies died of his injuries, taking the number of people allegedly murder by Dorner in the past week to four.

While the man in the cabin has not been confirmed to be Dorner, San Bernadino Sheriff’s spokesman Cindy Bachman said the suspect “has been described as looking similar to Christopher Dorner, and we have reason to believe it is him.”

Bachman didn’t say how the fire started but noted there was gunfire between the person in the cabin and law enforcement officers around the home before the blaze began.

An unnamed law enforcement official told the AP that the man believed to be Dorner had not emerged from the cabin.

TV helicopters showed the fire burning freely with no apparent effort to extinguish it.

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Horrible end to a horrible event. Preppers take note: No number of guns in your little fort will stop the bulldozer that knocks down your walls or the fire when they burn you alive.

The audio was captured on police scanners as well as being picked up by a local news broadcast. More than seven agencies, federal, state and local were involved in the final hours of the siege. The LAPD SWAT Team was airlifted in to carry out the final raid, with reports later confirming, “the SWAT team had the cabin surrounded.” San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies were also involved in the standoff. The video above is from captured police scanner transmissions which were broadcast online shortly before authorities ordered them to be disabled.

“Alright, we’re gonna go ahead with the plan with the burners,” one officer says.

“Copy,” replies another.

“Like we talked about,” the first officer responds.

“The burners are deployed, and we have a fire,” says another officer moments later, before the police dispatcher repeats the statement.

Within minutes of the fire starting, police note that the cabin is “starting to collapse.”

Police are also heard discussing if they are ready to “bring fire”.

“Burners” is police slang for tear gas canisters, which are known to cause fires.

In a separate clip carried by a local news channel, police are heard to say, “F*cking burn this motherf*cker,” and “burn that f*cking house down.” This audio appears to be from earlier in the siege following the initial shootout between Dorner and cops.

In another audio clip broadcast by CBS Los Angeles, police are heard saying, “get the gas, burn it down,” clearly indicating cops knew use of tear gas would set the cabin on fire.

As the Guardian reports, tweets made by journalist Max Blumenthal, who was listening live to police scanner feeds, correlate with the audio from the YouTube clips.

Shortly after smoke was seen rising from the cabin, police ordered online scanner feeds to be cut having earlier barred networks like CNN from carrying live footage of the scene and telling journalists not to put out tweets.

The fact that police would burn down the cabin in which Dorner was trapped, in a similar fashion to how the infamous Waco siege ended in 1993, was predicted ahead of time in a video Alex Jones made hours beforehand. I made the same prediction in a Facebook post before reports even emerged that the cabin was on fire.

Given the ammunition inside the cabin, LAPD officers knew that the tear gas would lead to a fire and instead of waiting it out, chose instead to carry out a summary execution. That’s not to excuse the actions of Dorner, but the fact that police now view burning people to death as a reasonable way to apprehend a suspect is shocking.

As Mike Adams writes today, “If the LAPD is going to abandon its mission of public safety and function as an armed vigilante justice squad, dishing out death sentences to those it believes are guilty — without a trial or anything resembling due process — then they might as well throw away all their badges as just call themselves the LA Gang Squad. Because that’s how they’re acting.”

A spokeswoman for the San Bernardino county sheriff’s office said that Dorner’s charred remains were found inside the cabin.

The quotes by cops screaming to burn the cabin down from earlier in the siege can be heard in the news report below. …

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