Chocolate ‘cuts blood clot risk’

By | November 16, 2006

Chocolate cuts blood clot risk

A small amount of dark chocolate a day can thin the blood and cut the risk of clots in much the same way as taking aspirin, US researchers have said. Researchers carried out tests on 139 “chocoholics” who were disqualified from another study because they could not give up their habit.

Previous research has suggested that chocolate is good for the heart. The study, by Johns Hopkins University, featured at an American Heart Association meeting in Chicago. …

The Johns Hopkins team started out examining the effects of aspirin on platelets, the tiny solid particles in blood that clump together to form a clot. However, 139 people who signed up for the study were disqualified because they were unable to give up eating chocolate as required. Researchers have known for almost two decades that dark chocolate can lower blood pressure and has other beneficial effects on blood flow. – bbc

I have a little powdered cocoa every morning, without the sugar of course.

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