Chinese official arrested on suspicion of spying for US

By | June 4, 2012

Chinese official arrested on suspicion of spying for US

According to sources, US and China have kept quiet aborut the incident for several months to avoid fresh crisis in relations

A Chinese state security official has been arrested on suspicion of spying for the US, sources have said, in a case both countries have kept quiet for several months to prevent a new diplomatic crisis. The aide to a vice-minister in the security ministry is alleged to have passed information to the US for several years about China’s overseas espionage activities, according to three sources, who all have direct knowledge of the matter.

The aide had been recruited by the CIA and provided “political, economic and strategic intelligence”, one source said, although it was unclear what level of information he had access to or whether overseas Chinese spies were compromised by the intelligence he handed over.

The case could represent China’s worst-known breach of state intelligence in two decades, and its revelation follows two other major embarrassments for Chinese security, both involving US diplomatic missions at a tense time for bilateral ties…


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