Cheney to Israel Committee: “We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon.”

By | March 7, 2006

Cheney to Israel Committee We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon

Transcript: Vice President Cheney Speaks to The American Israel Public Affairs Committee 2006 Policy Conference

Office of the White House Press Secretary
Tuesday, March 7, 2006; 12:57 PM

… We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon. (Applause.)

The people of Iran can be absolutely certain that we respect them, their country, and their long history as a great civilization — and we stand with them. Iranians desire and deserve to be free from tyranny and oppression in their own homeland. Freedom in the Middle East requires freedom for the Iranian people — and America looks forward to the day when our Nation can be the closest of friends with a free and democratic Iran. (Applause.) – washpost

Read the entire transcript while considering the bizzare and scary possibility that Israel owns Cheney. Was the 9/11 disaster and the election fraud which put Bush/Cheney etc. in power a covert op by that country? Many think so. I don’t know, but I wonder. Are the conspiracy nuts right? I take no sides in the Middle East conflict. I’m no hater of Jews or Muslims or any other group for that matter. People are people. But I do hate secret evil doings. I think there are “terrorists” (murderers) on both sides and the killing needs to stop. The USA should stay out of it or act fairly to stop the fighting once and for all. I’m pretty convinced that Cheney is evil based only on his words given the reality of the situation. He uses the most obscene demonic twisted form of lying: Villify the other for wanting to do what you are already doing and claim the other’s evil intent is the reason you must do the thing for which you villify them. Witness:

The terrorists want to end all American and Western influence in the Middle East. [1] Their goal in that region is to seize control of a country [2], so they have a base from which to launch attacks [3] and wage war against governments that do not meet their demands. [4] The terrorists believe that by controlling one country, [5] they will be able to target and overthrow other governments in the region, and ultimately to establish a totalitarian empire that encompasses a region from Spain, across North Africa, through the Middle East and South Asia, all the way around to Indonesia. [6]

1. They want us to stop invading Iraq and killing civilans, perhaps?

2. Which they already had before we invaded?

3. Like the bases we’ve now set up and pre-planned in the PNAC?

4. Absurd demands like stop torturing our women in prisons?

5. Iraq?

6. Or they might be happy just to be left alone? We sure kept Saddam in check for a lot of years. He did not establish a totalitarian empire. When he made a move on Kuwait, we kicked his ass.

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