Cheeky Study Finds Beauty Secret in Cadavers

By | June 27, 2008

…researchers injected dye and latex into 14 cadavers to find the boundaries of four deeply seated facial fat compartments. … The research revealed that volume loss in those fat compartments results in the hollow look of aging, the researchers say.

So, could pumping up those compartments make you look like, say, Angelina Jolie?


“Cheeks are vital to what we consider beautiful — from chubby-cheeked infants to Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie,” said study co-author Joel Pessa of University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. “This research breaks new ground by identifying the boundaries of specific fat compartments that are key to facial rejuvenation involving the cheeks, and as a consequence, the overall look of the face.” … “Restoring these compartments also improves volume loss under the eyes, helps eliminate lines around the nose and mouth and gives more curve to the upper lip, all of which restore a more youthful appearance to the face,” according to a statement from the center…. – livesci

What makes us lose fat from our faces over time as we age? I met a guy a few nights ago at Wilbur Hotsprings who was over 50 years old but he looked like he was in his late 30s. I assume diet, a healthy environment and genetics all keep us young looking, but the more we know about the details, the better.

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