Cattle Mutilations Strike In Alabama

By | July 30, 2009

cowalien01Colorado is not alone in witnessing the resumption of cattle mutilations. Officials in Alabama say 32 mutilations have occurred since October in two northeastern counties.

“The cow’s udder had been cut off cleaner than you could cut it with a razor. I’ve been ranching most of my life and I’ve seen animals that predators hot a hold of. I’d be willing to bet my life it was no predator,” said Jimmy Pope, a Geraldine, Ala., rancher whose cow was found in a pasture 500 feet from his house.

“The cow had an oval-shaped cut on her shoulder where skin and hair had been removed, there was no blood nowhere, and the mouth had been cut in an oval shape and the teeth had been removed surgically,” he said.

While removal of specific organs in DeKalb and Marshall counties cases is similar to two incidents last November in Costilla and Las Animas counties in southern Colorado, the Alabama cases have produced some new twists.

Tissue samples from one Alabama cow, examined under microscope by Denver pathologist Dr. John Altshuler, showed that the blood around the cut tissue had been “cooked,” indicating temperatures of at least 300 degrees had been used to make or cauterize the cuts.

Also, traces of a chemical substance were found at the scene of a mutilation, according to Fyffe, Ala., police Officer Ted Oliphant.

“We found a white substance on a cow’s right rib cage and on the ground next to it. I put it into a plastic wrapper, and back at the office, when I touched some of it with the metal tip of my pen, it turned to liquid within one second. I put the rest on a piece of paper. We sent it to a molecular biologist for analysis and found it was composed of aluminum, titanium, oxygen and silicon. This is not a substance that occurs in nature,” said Oliphant.

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