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Volkswagen agrees to buy rest of Porsche for $5.6bn

Volkswagen says it has agreed a deal to buy the remaining 50.1% stake in Porsche it doesn’t already own by the start of next month. VW will pay 4.46bn euros ($5.6bn; £3.6bn) plus one VW common share to acquire the stake. The two firms had agreed in 2009 to merge by the end of 2011,… Read More »

SeatBuddy: AirBaltic's Social Airline Seating System

In another move toward making life more predictable, Latvian airline airBaltic has launched the world’s first “SeatBuddy” scheme that pairs up like-minded passengers. The free and optional service powered by social seating system Satisfly can place you next to someone who is in the same “flight mood” as you. via CNNGo

Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO, Buys Hawaiian Island of Lanai

Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellison has agreed to buy 98 percent of the Hawaiian island of Lanai, according to the current landowner and the state’s governor. “It is my understanding that Mr. Ellison has had a long- standing interest in Lanai,†Governor Neil Abercrombie said in a statement. “His passion for nature, particularly the ocean,… Read More »

World Health Org: Diesel exhausts do cause cancer

Exhaust fumes from diesel engines do cause cancer, a panel of experts working for the World Health Organization says. It concluded that the exhausts were definitely a cause of lung cancer and may also cause tumours in the bladder. It based the findings on research in high-risk workers such as miners, railway workers and truck… Read More »

Driverless cars follow each other on freeway

The trailing vehicles are able to speed up, slow down and turn in sequence with the leader, allowing drivers of the cars to ”spend their time doing other things while driving, like work on their laptops, read a book or sit back and enjoy a relaxed lunch”, Volvo says. The follow-the-leader project is part of… Read More »

Found 140 days later: Car key from rental in Maui

I proposed and she said “yes” on a beach in Maui about 5 months ago. Our first crazy adventure together as an engaged couple was my losing the rental car key on the beach. A replacement key was only an extra $150, but my going back and searching the beach, the road, our clothes and… Read More »

Air-powered Car Coming to India

This car runs on the ultimate emissions-free fuel: air. In 2007, Mumbai, India-based Tata Motors signed a licensing deal with Motor Development International, a French design firm. The idea was to build a car that could run on compressed air. Now Tata says it has tested two cars with the engines. The next step is… Read More »

Wreckage of missing Russian super jet spotted on side of cliff

A helicopter spotted the shattered wreckage of a Russian-made passenger plane Thursday that crashed into a steep cliff on a long-dormant Indonesian volcano during a demonstration flight to potential buyers and journalists. There was no sign of survivors among the 47 people on board. Family members, many of whom spent a long, sleepless night at… Read More »

Australian billionaire to build Titanic II

The replica of the ill-fated ship will be built at a Chinese shipyard and will sail on its maiden voyage accompanied by the Chinese navy. It will be powered by diesel rather than coal but will otherwise follow design plans approved by a historical research team and, like its predecessor, will have 840 rooms and… Read More »

What exactly is ‘Hand Shredded A$$ Meat’? A new dictionary for Chinese restaurants may tell you

Overseas tourists often find the menus here befuddling, for good reason. After all, what Westerner has experience with foods like these? “Cowboy leg,” “Hand-shredded ass meat,” “Red-burned lion head,” “Strange flavor noodles,” “Blow-up flatfish with no result,” or “Tofu made by woman with freckles.” As proud as the Chinese people are of their thousands of… Read More »

New York to Beijing in two hours without leaving the ground?

The Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT) system (U.S. Patent 5950543, assigned to, Inc.) would take passengers from New York to Beijing in just two hours. Advocates of Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT) claim it is silent, cheaper than planes, trains, or cars and faster than jets. How it would work: put a superconducting maglev train in… Read More »

Evacuated Tube Travel To Replace Trains, Planes And Automobiles?

Some people spend their life watching the tube, but Daryl Oster is spending his trying to get people to travel in one. With experience that includes farming; marine, aeronautical and mechanical design and certification; and stock-trading, Oster is now trying to engineer the biggest change in transportation since the invention of the car cup holder:… Read More »

Biplane to break the sound barrier: Cheaper, quieter and fuel-efficient biplanes could put supersonic travel on the horizon

…For 27 years, the Concorde provided its passengers with a rare luxury: time saved. For a pricey fare, the sleek supersonic jet ferried its ticketholders from New York to Paris in a mere three-and-a-half hours — just enough time for a nap and an aperitif. Over the years, expensive tickets, high fuel costs, limited seating… Read More »

Virgin Oceanic’s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Image: Remarkably, there is no definite measurement for the Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the Mariana Trench. Measurements taken from the surface using sonar are calculated using the speed of sound traveling through water—but that speed varies depending on the water’s temperature and salinity. The best sonar reading to date, taken in 2011, put… Read More »

IRS To Collect on Italian Cruise Ship Settlements

One night during dinner, your cruise ship crashes into a reef. Amid the pandemonium you must climb into a lifeboat leaving all your possessions, passport, money – even your high-heeled shoes. Then the cruise line offers you $14,000 to settle. If you take it, is it taxable? The Costa unit of Carnival Cruises is offering… Read More »

Cruise captain ‘committed errors’, say ship’s owners

The company operating a cruise ship that capsized after hitting rocks off western Italy on Friday says the captain may have “committed errors”. He appears to have sailed too close to land and not to have followed the company’s emergency procedures, Costa Crociere said in a statement. Capt Francesco Schettino is suspected of manslaughter, but… Read More »

Swimming with Dolphins, Maui

We are having an awesome last day so far. Swam out to meet about 30 spinner dolphins at Perouse Bay in the morning, then back to Hotel Wailea to relax in the huge spa, then whale watching in the afternoon. The dolphin songs were great. I sang back and felt we were communicating… although I’m… Read More »

Hana and the Road, Maui

The views were great. Our day trip to Hana was more about the adventure of driving the road than reaching any destination. (One non-drowsy formula Dramamine prevented motion sickness.) If you can help it, don’t get caught driving back in the dark in this twisty road with many one lane bridges.

La Perouse Bay, Maui

The Maui vacation continues. This is a great place to be in January and I’m enjoying being out in nature. So far, I’ve lost a rental car key, a mask and a snorkel to different South Maui beaches… My fiancée laughed her top off as I came up out of a monster wave with no… Read More »

Haleakala Sunrise, Maui

Getting up at 4:30 am and leaving Wailea by 5:00 am, we just barely made it for the 6:38 am sunrise. I thought I was giving us more than 45 min buffer time, but no… Tip: If you want to see the amazing sunrise on the volcano on Maui, don’t trust for the correct… Read More »

United flight computer crashes on runway

On the runway awaiting takeoff from SFO to Maui the pilot spoke to us over the intercom to tell everyone the plane’s computer had crashed and the flight would be delayed while the technicians investigated. A few minutes later we were told that everything was fine, they just needed to reboot the system, as with… Read More »

Aloha from Maui

I’m checking out some new mysteries this week … such as the amount of radiation one gets during the flight from SFO to Maui. My RadAlert 50 Geigercounter did not set off any alarms going through airport security, although they did swab and test my guitar for drugs and/or bomb residue. More on my radiation… Read More »

Crossrail’s giant tunneling machines unveiled

Engineers are getting ready to start tunneling beneath London in what has become Europe’s biggest construction project. Crossrail will cost almost £15bn and by linking areas east and west of the capital, will increase the city’s rail capacity by 10%. The company has just unveiled the giant tunnelling machines which will start work in March,… Read More »

Google’s Maps Street View service pilots indoor photos

Google has started a pilot project allowing the public to look inside shops and other businesses found on its maps. The feature is an extension of the firm’s Street View technology, which already lets users view 360-degree exterior images. The existing service prompted some privacy complaints from people who claimed the technology was intrusive. However,… Read More »

787 Dreamliner becomes reality three years behind schedule

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner after the model’s maiden test flight in 2009. All Nippon Airways has taken delivery of the first Dreamliner sold. Photograph: Paul Joseph Brown/AFP/Getty Boeing has delivered its first 787 Dreamliner to Japanese customer All Nippon Airways (ANA). Boeing says its carbon fibre design cuts fuel consumption by 20% and the plane… Read More »

Mouse cancels Nepal Airlines flight to Bangkok

An air hostess noticed the mouse scurrying across the cabin just before take-off and notified the pilot, who abandoned the flight. The Boeing 757 is one of only two planes used by Nepal’s national airline carrier and the airline’s second plane is currently undergoing maintenance. After passengers disembarked, the jet was towed to a hangar… Read More »

Charter jet crashes in Canadian arctic killing 12

A Boeing 737 charter jet has crashed in Canada’s Arctic region, killing 12 people and injuring three others. The First Air flight was travelling from Yellowknife to Resolute Bay, when it came down not far from its destination. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said 15 people had been on board the flight, including four crew… Read More »

Ford recalls 1.2m F-series pick-up trucks

Ford is recalling 1.2 million pick-up trucks in the United States and Canada because of fears their fuel tanks could fall off and start fires. The recall affects some versions of the F-150, F-250 and Lincoln Blackwood trucks built between 1997 and 2004 – in certain cold-weather states. It is feared the straps holding the… Read More »

Fake Apple Stores popping up in China

Products get knocked off all the time — designer bags, Oscar-night dresses, watches. But entire stores? That’s something new. Which is why the Internet is going crazy over a blogger’s report that three fake Apple stores have popped up in her neighborhood in Kunming, China. In a post dated Wednesday on the blog BirdAbroad, the… Read More »

US frequent flyer reaches 10 million miles

It took Thomas Stuker 29 years to reach the milestone with United Airlines A US businessman has been rewarded for his loyalty to one single airline company after accumulating 10 million air miles. Thomas Stuker, a sales consultant, reached the milestone after a flight from Los Angeles to Chicago. He has boarded 5,962 United Airlines… Read More »

Oregon man stung by scorpion on commercial flight

All Jeff Ellis could do was wait as he sat terrified 30,000 feet in the air staring at the wriggling scorpion that stung him on a flight to Alaska. He repeated to himself that a doctor said he’d be fine – probably. Ellis, of Portland, Ore., first had to wait 30 minutes to see whether… Read More »

New rocketplane ‘could fly Paris-Tokyo in 2.5 hours’

A computer-generated image from the European defense group EADS shows the so-called “Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation” (Zehst) rocket. The European aerospace giant said it hopes the rocket plane will be able to fly from Paris to Tokyo in 2.5 hours by around 2050. European aerospace giant EADS on Sunday unveiled its “Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation”… Read More »

Titanic II sinks on maiden voyage

When Mark Wilkinson took ownership of a cabin cruiser called Titanic II, perhaps he should have realised the omens were not good. When he took his new 16ft boat out for its maiden voyage, it lived up to its namesake, and sank. Mr Wilkinson was left floundering as the vessel sprang a leak and began… Read More »

In a first, Venezuela suspends driver’s license

Car-friendly Venezuela, where gasoline is almost free and troublesome highway rules rarely imposed, has suspended a bus driver from the roads for a year in the first case of a suspended license in the OPEC nation. Police stopped Ramon Parra, 41, for driving at excessive speed in a large, overladen passenger bus that was missing… Read More »