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Biotech Companies Chemical Attack on Food Supply

The Obama administration announced last week that it expects to approve corn and soybeans that have been genetically engineered by Dow Chemical company to tolerate the toxic herbicide — 2,4-D. They are planning this approval despite the fact that use of this herbicide is associated with increased rates of deadly immune system cancers, Parkinson’s disease,… Read More »

Is WiFi making you sick? BIOINITIATIVE 2012 says Yes.

It seems the Internet (the wireless way we access it, that is) really is eating us all away from the inside. BIOINITIATIVE 2012 – CONCLUSIONS  Overall, these 1800 or so new studies report abnormal gene transcription (Section 5); genotoxicity and single-and double-strand DNA damage (Section 6); stress proteins because of the fractal RF-antenna like nature… Read More »

Apple refunds $32.5m to parents whose kids made in-app purchases

The refund agreement settles long-standing complaints over in-app purchases made by children without their parents’ consent. Apple will also be required to change its billing procedures to make sure customers have given consent before they are charged for in-app purchases. The company said it had settled rather than take on a “long legal fight”. “This… Read More »

Is human urine the key to better farming?

The Rich Earth Institute (REI) in Battleboro, Vt., is investigating whether human urine can replace chemical fertilizers. We first learned of the technique over at Modern Farmer. The project, which has enlisted well over 100 volunteers to donate their urine, aims to determine if “essential plant nutrients” found in urine, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and… Read More »

Holophonic Sound: Get a virtual haircut

Check out the link below (.mp3). With that the effect was even more pronounced, in fact, the sound actually went around my head behind me! Really amazing. Hugo Zuccarelli, an Argentine who dabbled in various sound experimentations in the 1980s, believed the human auditory system not only hears sound but emits sounds as well. The… Read More »

Cells from the eye are inkjet printed for the first time

A group of researchers from the UK have used inkjet printing technology to successfully print cells taken from the eye for the very first time. The breakthrough, which has been detailed in a paper published today, 18 December, in IOP Publishing’s journal Biofabrication, could lead to the production of artificial tissue grafts made from the… Read More »

Kidney grown from stem cells by Australian scientists

A kidney grown in a dish as seen under the microscope – link Scientists in Australia have grown the world’s first kidney from stem cells – a tiny organ which could eventually help to reduce the wait for transplants. The breakthrough, published in the journal Nature Cell Biology, followed years of research and involved the… Read More »

Google Now a Military Contractor with BigDog Robot

▶ BigDog Overview (Updated March 2010) – YouTube. From privacy concerns to monopolies, some people have been growing increasingly concerned over some of Google’s business practices for years now. Wonder what those types think now the search giant owns a company that makes military robots. Yes, Google has splashed out and purchased Boston Dynamics, the… Read More »

NASA’s New ‘Superhero’ Humanoid Robot

Meet Valkyrie, NASA’s new “superhero” robot. What makes it a superhero? Absolutely nothing that I read about it. Okay fine, it was designed to be able to access disaster areas and help rescue survivors. Weird considering I never saw it do anything but step over a curb and turn a wheel. Fun fact: did you… Read More »

Obama makes history — mentions Area 51

The annual Kennedy Center Honors reception isn’t normally a place to break news, but President Obama opted Sunday to publicly mention Area 51 — the installation where the government is supposedly storing UFOs and alien life, the inspiration for innumerable conspiracy theories. The reason: Oscar-winning actress Shirley MacLaine and her claims to have seen UFOs… Read More »

Big Brother spying is reaching “scary” levels

On Monday, the world’s leading technology companies, including Google and Microsoft, published an open letter to President Obama and Congress demanding reform of U.S. privacy laws to restore the public’s “trust in the Internet.” This comes after what seems like an endless series of revelations about government surveillance from the secret documents leaked by Edward… Read More »

FBI drone ambitions date back to the 1990s

The FBI began experimenting with drones in 1995, but didn’t view them as a viable option for video surveillance until a full decade later. Since then, however, the agency appears to have slowly but steadily moved forward in building its drone program. Now, details of that program have been revealed in a series of recently… Read More »

M-Disc: 1,000 year back up available now.

As technology rapidly advances, we’re living longer, doing more, creating more memories and recording more data. Every scrapbooker, business owner, photographer, every person fears losing the legacy they have spent their lifetime creating. M-DISC™ eliminates that fear. Once written, your documents, medical records, photos, videos and data will last up to 1,000 years. “Just M-Disc™… Read More »

Ethical debate on face transplantation has evolved over time

Once viewed as an “outlandish morally objectionable” concept with science-fiction overtones, face transplantation is now accepted as a “feasible and necessary treatment” for severely disfigured patients. The evolving ethical debate over face transplantation is analyzed in a special topic paper in the December issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the… Read More »

Spies worry over doomsday cache stashed by ex-NSA contractor Snowden

Mark Hosenball writes: British and U.S. intelligence officials say they are worried about a “doomsday” cache of highly classified, heavily encrypted material they believe former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has stored on a data cloud. The cache contains documents generated by the NSA and other agencies and includes names of U.S. and allied… Read More »

Map Shows The NSA’s Massive Worldwide Malware Operations

CONNOR SIMPSON – The Atlantic Wire A new map details how many companies across the world have been infected by malware by the National Security Agency’s team of hackers, and where the companies are located. Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad reports the NSA uses malware to infect, infiltrate and steal information from over 50,000 computer networks… Read More »

Someone Just Bought $148 Million Worth Of Bitcoin

Someone just transacted $148 million worth of Bitcoin. That’s about 195,000 Bitcoins. We say transacted because there is no way of knowing whether any money actually changed hands. The Bitcoins were transferred from several Blockchain “addresses” to another single address. Addresses are basically routing numbers, and an individual’s Bitcoin wallet can contain multiple addresses. So… Read More »

Opinion: ‘Stalker economy’ here to stay

Bruce Schneier is a security technologist and author of “Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust Society Needs to Thrive.” – Google recently announced that it would start including individual users’ names and photos in some ads. This means that if you rate some product positively, your friends may see ads for that product with your… Read More »

NHTSA May Mandate That New Cars Broadcast Location, Direction and Speed

  Image: “… before the motor laws…” – Rush, Red Barchetta. … Before the end of this year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will decide whether or not to begin the rulemaking process to mandate that newly manufactured cars include what is being called “vehicle-to-vehicle” V2V communications technology that constantly broadcasts via radio wave… Read More »

NerdyData Search Engine

If you’ve ever wanted to search the code portion of web pages, now you can with Why would you want to do this? According to the site:   “We find what other search engines can’t. Search beyond words We index the HTML, Javascript, CSS, and plaintext of hundreds of million pages. Give us any… Read More »

Google engineer blasts NSA

When an innocent looking sketch illustrating how the NSA and GCHQ intercept data from Google and Yahoo was shown to some of the search giant’s employees they reportedly “exploded in profanity”. Now a Google engineer named Brandon Downey has made this profanity a little less second-hand, blasting the NSA in a blog post and comparing… Read More »

New government scanning system watches everyone

Exclusive documents obtained by Infowars from an insider government source have revealed the true origin and nature of the highly secretive ‘mesh network’ spy grid that has garnered massive media attention due to the fact that the network’s strange downtown Seattle spy boxes can track the last 1,000 GPS locations of cellphone users. But as… Read More »

One-Ton GOCE Satellite Plummets Into Atlantic Ocean

from Popular Science A one-ton European Space Agency satellite finally plunged to Earth on Sunday. Dozens of charred pieces of it – the largest pieces could be 200 pounds – likely landed in the Atlantic Ocean near the Falkland Islands. One Falkland Islander even snapped a photo of the incinerating satellite as it streaked down… Read More »

Grasshopper’s Journey Hints at New Era in Spaceflight

In 1997 McDonnell Douglas was the prime contractor in the Delta Clipper-Experimental project, commonly known as DC-X. During the years of 1993-1996, DC-X achieved several successful tests in the quest to become the first single stage to orbit reusable launch vehicle, ascending vertically, moving laterally, and then descending to the ground. Originally a project of… Read More »

Scientists isolate new human pluripotent stem cells

One of the obstacles to employing human embryonic stem cells for medical use lies in their very promise: They are born to rapidly differentiate into other cell types. Until now, scientists have not been able to efficiently keep embryonic stem cells in their pristine stem state. The alternative that has been proposed to embryonic stem… Read More »

Woman gets Speeding + Google Glass Ticket

Cecilia Abadie was out for a drive, apparently driving a little too fast and so noticed by a police officer, who pulled her over for speeding and issued a ticket. That’s the story you’re less likely to hear, because the other one about her being cited for wearing Google Glass after the fact is racing… Read More »

Google “outraged” by government snooping

The National Security Agency’s director flatly denied a Washington Post report Wednesday that the NSA secretly broke into communications links to Google and Yahoo servers overseas. Army Gen. Keith Alexander, the NSA director, pushed back against the report that cites leaked classified documents, saying the agency does not illegally access the servers of Internet companies.… Read More »

Test identifies seven distinct types of breast cancer

… Scientists funded by the Breast Cancer Campaign looked for signature biomarkers in 1,073 tumour samples from the charity’s tissue bank. They found that 93 per cent of the samples fitted perfectly into one of seven classes while another seven per cent had mixed characteristics and were harder to categorise. Further verification of the seven… Read More »

“Biggest change to the Internet since its inception” is underway

 The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ICANN today announced that the first new generic Top-Level Domains gTLDs from its New gTLD Program were delegated. This means they were introduced into the Internet’s Root Zone, the central authoritative database for the Internet’s Domain Name System.As a result, the domain name Registries, the organizations approved… Read More »

UNC neuroscientists discover new “mini-neural computer” in the brain

Dendrites, the branch-like projections of neurons, were once thought to be passive wiring in the brain. But now researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have shown that these dendrites do more than relay information from one neuron to the next. They actively process information, multiplying the brain’s computing power. “Suddenly, it’s… Read More »

France summons U.S. ambassador over NSA spying claims

The United States’ ambassador to France Charles Rivkin has been summoned by the French foreign minister following claims made by the Le Monde newspaper group Monday that the National Security Agency spied on millions of French citizens.Le Monde made the allegations it said based on documents it secured from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.French Foreign… Read More »

IBM unveils computer powered by electronic blood

IBM has unveiled a prototype of a new brain-inspired computer powered by what it calls “electronic blood”. The firm says it is learning from nature by building computers fuelled and cooled by a liquid, like our minds. The human brain packs phenomenal computing power into a tiny space and uses only 20 watts of energy… Read More »

Google to pay rewards for open-source code security fixes

Google said Wednesday it plans to reward developers for developing proactive security improvements for some of the most widely used open-source software programs. The program aims to “improve the security of key third-party software critical to the health of the entire Internet,” wrote Michal Zalewski of Google’s Security Team. Rewards will range between US$500 to… Read More »