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Dead Sydney runner lucky to be alive again

A 31-year-old Sydney man who had a heart attack and died for more than five minutes after running a half marathon at the weekend says he is lucky to have collapsed near paramedics. Jamie Donaldson made it to the finish line of the Sydney Running Festival at the Opera House after running 21km yesterday before… Read More »

Baseball’s winning formula

Meredith Chapman – Baseball legend Connie Mack famously said pitching is 75 percent of the game. He was wrong — a new analysis by a University of Delaware professor finds it’s just 25 percent.This October, the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports will feature the article: An Estimate of How Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, and Base-stealing… Read More »

Boy, 11, loses $50,000 ice hockey trick shot prize

An 11-year-old boy has been denied a $50,000 prize for scoring an incredible ice hockey shot, after admitting his identical twin bought the entry ticket. Nate Smith swept a puck into a tiny hole in the ice, from 89ft (27m) away. But the firm that insured the game in Minneapolis, Minnesota, now says breaches of… Read More »

When it comes to warm-up, less is more

University of Calgary Faculty of Kinesiology researcher Elias Tomaras says the idea came to him while watching track and field sprinters warm-up for a race. “If you watch sprinters, short distance speed skaters or cyclists before their race, they will often warm-up for one to two hours, including several brief bouts of high intensity exercise.… Read More »

‘JetMan’ Yves Rossy makes 8-minute flight over Grand Canyon

It was a feat that would have made Buzz Lightyear proud…or extremely envious. But for Yves Rossy, who finally completed his flight over the Grand Canyon in a jet suit, it must have been a relief. For the Swiss adventurer, dubbed JetMan, was forced to cancel his daring spectacle at the last minute on Friday… Read More »

‘Oldest’ marathon runner Buster Martin dies

A London man who claimed to be the world’s oldest marathon runner has died. Buster Martin said he was 101 when he ran the London Marathon in 2008. He was still working as a van cleaner at Pimlico Plumbers. His boss Charlie Mullins said: “Buster sadly passed away last night at the age of 104.”… Read More »

Fat Man Running: Former Sumo Champ Does Marathon

How can you lose 3.8 pounds in just in 9 hours, 48 minutes and 42 seconds? Run the L.A. Marathon! Former sumo wrestler Kelly Gneiting left the starting line weighing exactly 400 pounds… and when he arrived at the finish, he was down to a svelte 396.2 pounds, according to the Daily Mail. He became… Read More »

‘Spiderman’ Alain Robert scales Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Robert appeared not to use his harness Alain Robert, the French urban climber dubbed spiderman for his feats, has scaled the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It took him six hours to ascend the 828-m (2,717-ft) tower in the United Arab Emirates city, including the tapered spire above the top floors. A… Read More »

Philadelphia Breast Surgeon Moonlights as Knife Thrower

Meet Dr. Ted Eisenberg, holder of the world record for the most breast surgeries performed in a lifetime. Rest assured, ladies — you’re probably in safe hands. Not content with handling scalpels all day, in his spare time Eisenberg is a competitive knife thrower. Inspired by fictional Australian outback hero Crocodile Dundee and James Bond… Read More »

NJ congressman tops ‘Jeopardy’ computer Watson

Turns out all it took to top Watson, the “Jeopardy”-winning computer, was a real-life rocket scientist. Rep. Rush Holt of New Jersey is just such a scientist. The congressman topped the IBM computer Monday night in a “Jeopardy”-style exhibition match held in a Washington hotel. Holt says it was fun to beat the heralded computer.… Read More »

Not Photoshopped

I’m not afraid of heights, but this picture found on oddee is freaking INSANE!  I squirm when I look at it. Then I found the VIDEO below and I’d just like to say, “Dean, seriously, quit while you are ahead!” The base jumping is crazy enough but in this photo he has no safety net,… Read More »

Samuel Sevian, 9, Becomes Youngest US Chess Master

A 9-year-old California boy has become the youngest American to earn the title of “national master” in chess. Samuel Sevian of Santa Clara earned the United States Chess Federation title at a match in San Francisco on Dec. 11, the federation’s website says. He earned a rating of 2,201, just over the threshold of 2,200… Read More »

Boxing — bad for the brain

Up to 20% of professional boxers develop neuropsychiatric sequelae. But which acute complications and which late sequelae can boxers expect throughout the course of their career? These are the questions studied by Hans Förstl from the Technical University Munich and his co-authors in the current issue of Deutsches Ärzteblatt International (Dtsch Arztebl Int 2010; 107[47]:… Read More »

Frozen waterfall climber rescued after fall in Beacons

Image of frozen waterfall climbers: Desicolours An ice climber has suffered serious back injuries after a 60ft fall from a frozen waterfall in the Brecon Beacons. A helicopter from RAF Chivenor, Devon, took him to hospital where it was found he had fractured three vertebrae. Afterwards, Brecon Mountain Rescue Team’s deputy leader said plans to… Read More »

Brit invents underwater scooter

A British inventor has created a new underwater scooter that allows tourists to explore coral reefs without learning to scuba dive – or even swim. Holidaymakers can sit on the HydroBOB and dive to depths of 100ft at tourist sites around the world. Andrew Sneath, HydroBOB designer and company founder, said: “With minimal training the… Read More »

Brain changes found in football players thought to be concussion-free

Emil Venere   – A study by researchers at Purdue University suggests that some high school football players suffer undiagnosed changes in brain function and continue playing even though they are impaired. “Our key finding is a previously undiscovered category of cognitive impairment,” said Thomas Talavage, an expert in functional neuroimaging who is an associate professor… Read More »

Gordon Bennett balloon race competitors cross France

Twenty teams of gas balloonists, including the Wiltshire adventurer David Hempleman-Adams, are crossing France in the Gordon Bennett race. The teams launched from East Compton, near Bristol, late on Saturday night. To win they must travel the furthest. By 1600 BST Hempleman-Adams and his co-pilot Simon Carey had travelled more than 450km (280m). Writing earlier… Read More »

Quadruple amputee Philippe Croizon plans swim from Europe to Africa

Just days after swimming across the English Channel, quadruple amputee Philippe Croizon is already dreaming of a new challenge: crossing from Europe to Africa in the Strait of Gibraltar. Croizon, who swims using leg prostheses with fins attached, also has an inspirational message for anyone discouraged or facing difficulties. “You only need to want something,… Read More »

Mystery of the Football game mentioned during Apollo 17.

What’s up with this? At one point in a file called “a17v.1203905.rm” the Apollo 17 video archives, the astronaut says it is Apollo 17 and confirms with Ground Control back on Earth that it is a Monday Evening. That would have made it Monday December the 11th, 1972. Astronaut on Moon: “Hey, who’s winning the… Read More »

Dinner at 100 miles per hour

Perry Watkins from Buckinghamshire has set what he hopes is a new world record for the fastest piece of furniture and it just happens to be a Queen Anne dining table. The table, complete with dinner trimmings, reached a top speed of more than 113 miles per hour. via BBC News – Dinner at 100… Read More »

Spiderman Dan Climbs San Francisco Skyscraper

The San Francisco Police Department identified the man as Daniel Goodwin, 54, otherwise known as “Spiderman Dan,” who had previously climbed the Sears Tower in Chicago. Mr. Goodwin was cited with two misdemeanors and later released from a police station in downtown San Francisco. A press release on Mr. Goodwin’s web site said he made… Read More »

14 year-old girl, Dekker ‘sets sail’ on world record bid

A Dutch teenager hoping to become the youngest solo around-the-world sailor has begun her voyage, her manager says. Laura Dekker, 14, who won a legal battle to sail earlier this year, left at around 0900 GMT aboard her 8m (26ft) boat Guppy, Dutch media said. Her manager said she had left in a very good… Read More »

Doctor freezes man’s skull, saves his life

A UTAH man had a 90 to 95 percent chance of dying after shattering his skull in more than 10 places until a neurosurgeon removed both sides of his head and froze it. Kyle Johnson’s brain swelled uncontrollably after he fell off a longboard – essentially a surfboard on wheels – while travelling about 60km/h.… Read More »

Strange Exits: Finalist dies at World Sauna event in Finland

The annual World Sauna Championships in Finland has ended in tragedy with the death of one of the finalists, the organisers said. Russian finalist Vladimir Ladyzhensky and Finnish rival Timo Kaukonen were both taken to hospital after collapsing and Mr Ladyzhensky later died. The competition was held in Heinola, 138km (86 miles) north of Helsinki.… Read More »

Caught out by the kolbasti: dancing into court

A Turkish immigrant claims New Zealand police cannot tell the difference between fighting and dancing after he was reportedly charged with assault while celebrating with his wife. A judge has now told the police to go away and study a cultural Turkish video showing the kolbasti dance before deciding whether to proceed with the case.… Read More »

Trekkers offered cave tours in Klingon

The Jenolan Caves near the Blue Mountains west of Sydney is about to become possibly the first tourist attraction in the world to launch tours in the fictional Star Trek language of Klingon. The link between the world’s oldest dated limestone cave system and the fictional Star Trek language is through a spaceship, the USS… Read More »

Real hare invades greyhound race

Greyhounds racing in Australia were left seeing double when a real hare sprinted across the track. The intruder made an unscheduled appearance in a race at Shepparton in Victoria, crossing the track in front of a pack of speeding dogs. One greyhound, Ginny Lou, gave chase but the hare managed to dart off the track… Read More »

Skydiver Plans Record-Breaking Supersonic Space Jump

A skydiver is making progress with plans to leap from near the edge of space in a dive that would break world records and the sound barrier. Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner is a step closer to attempting the feat after a series of recent high-altitude test jumps. He plans to make his ambitious jump attempt… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence for improving team sports

Researchers at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) are participating in a study to develop a system for evaluating sport performance through application of Artificial Intelligence techniques to automatically analyze the development of plays. The principal aim of this Project is to determine certain performance indicators in team sport competition and training for analyzing… Read More »

Mixed Practice Makes Perfect

Struggling with your chip shot? Constant drills with your wedge may not help much, but mixing in longer drives will, and a new study shows why. Previous studies have shown that variable practice improves the brain’s memory of most skills better than practice focused on a single task. Cognitive neuroscientists at USC and UCLA describe… Read More »

Professor says World Cup trophy cannot be solid gold

A British chemistry professor has calculated that if the World Cup trophy was really solid gold it would be too heavy for footballers to lift. Martyn Poliakoff of Nottingham University estimates that a solid gold trophy of its size – 36cm (14 in) high – would weigh at least 70kg (154lb). He concludes that the… Read More »

Adventurer crosses English Channel using helium balloons

He set off from a field in Kent early this morning hoping to become the first cluster balloonist to cross the stretch of water. The US adventurer, 36, was held at the mercy of the prevailing winds beneath his colourful collection of gigantic inflatables. He set off from Kent Gliding Club in Challock, near Ashford,… Read More »

Man pulls plane with his eyelids

A Chinese martial arts expert pulled an aeroplane for five metres – by a rope hooked to his eyelids. Dong Changsheng, 50, performed the stunt at the Changchun International Exhibition Centre in Jilin province, reports the City Daily newspaper. It took him less than a minute to pull the half-a-tonne aircraft for five metres. Dong… Read More »

Metal leg doesn’t stop EL surfer

A BRAVE East London photographer defied odds by winning a major international surfing competition in the United States – barely a year after losing his leg in a motorbike smash. Returning home yesterday, an elated Jean-Paul Veaudry said he was thrilled with his achievement at the prestigious WSA surfing contest, held in California over the… Read More »

Painful passion: thousands nursing secret sex injuries

Hundreds of thousands of embarrassed Britons are suffering in silence every year after injuring themselves during sex. A survey found that around a third of the adult population – about 18 million people – has suffered an ache or strain either during or after bouts of passion. Pulled muscles emerged as the most common complaint,… Read More »

Woman with no arms goes for black belt

Sheila Radziewicz has been beating the odds since birth. “I was not supposed to live,” she said. “Then I wasn’t ever supposed to walk.” Because of a congenital birth defect, she was born without arms. She also came into the world without kneecaps and with her feet rotated in, toward each other. She endured multiple… Read More »

Ninety-year-old West Yorkshire woman hits hole-in-one

A 90-year-old woman from West Yorkshire has amazed her fellow golfers by hitting a hole in one. Mary Tattersall made the 181yd (165m) shot on the second hole at Shay Grange Golf Centre in Heaton near Bradford. The pensioner, who has only been playing golf for two years, said she felt amazed and stunned to… Read More »