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NSA’s Utah Spy Supercenter Crippled By Power Surges?

Long before Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing revelations hit the world and the Obama administration’s approval ratings like a ton of bricks, we ran a story in March 2012 which exposed the NSA’s unprecedented domestic espionage project, codenamed Stellar Wind, and specifically the $1.4+ billion data center spy facility located in Bluffdale, Utah, which spans more than… Read More »

LADEE enters Moon orbit w/97% of NASA furloughed

According to someone at NASA: “Early this morning (October 6), we fired LADEE’s main engine in a braking maneuver known as the Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI) burn.” “This slowed the spacecraft’s velocity enough for it to be captured by the Moon’s gravity. This critical burn went flawlessly and LADEE is now in lunar orbit! Two… Read More »

Obamacare helpline phone number is 1-800-F1U-CKYO

Frustrated consumers angry at their inability to successfully sign up online for health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act have been advised by the President countless time to use their phone and call instead. Now some dissatisfied customers have noted a rather unfortunate coincidence about the telephone number assigned to the Obamacare Help-line. The… Read More »

President Obama and Iranian President Discuss Nukes by Phone

It’s the First Time the Heads of the Two Countries Spoke Since 1979 President Obama spoke by phone today with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani about ongoing efforts to reach an agreement over Iran’s nuclear program, the first time the heads of these two countries have had direct communications since 1979. “While there will surely be… Read More »

US lawmakers seek to end bulk NSA telephone records collection

Democratic and Republican U.S. senators introduced legislation on Wednesday to end the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of Americans’ communication records and set other new controls on the government’s electronic eavesdropping programs. The measure introduced by Democrats Ron Wyden, Mark Udall and Richard Blumenthal, and Republican Rand Paul, is one of several efforts making their… Read More »

California becomes first state in nation to regulate ride-sharing

California regulators have approved the nation’s and state’s first rules for fast-growing ride-sharing companies that connect passengers to drivers via smartphones. The Public Utilities Commission voted 5 to 0 to let the services — such as Lyft Inc., Sidecar and Uber Technologies Inc. — continue to operate, if they comply with basic safety and insurance… Read More »

NSA passes unsifted intelligence to Israel

The U.S. National Security Agency routinely passes raw intelligence to Israel without first removing details about U.S. citizens, Britain’s Guardian newspaper said on Thursday, citing documents obtained by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Under a memorandum agreed in principle in March 2009, the NSA shares information with Israel that could include details of intercepted phone… Read More »

9/11 Videos

If 9/11 was not an inside job, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. This web site has a few of them. Various administration officials, with slips of the tongue, deny the official story and admit to complicity in 9/11. The Man Who Knew: Frontline documentary on John O’Neill. For… Read More »

NSA Has Direct Access to Smartphone Data, Report Says

NSA Has Direct Access to Smartphone Data, Report Says Just when it seemed the biggest NSA-related revelations were over, a new report says the U.S. intelligence agency has had direct access to private smartphone data for years. Germany’s Spiegel Online claims it has seen documents that detail the NSA’s ability to tap into leading smartphone… Read More »

Syria: Russia will stand by Assad over any US strikes, warns Putin

President Vladimir Putin gave warning that Russia would stand with Syria if America launches military strikes against the country. Mr Putin promised to “help” President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in the event of a US campaign, showing how Russia and America had failed to narrow their differences over the Syrian civil war during a tense G20… Read More »

Snowden leaks: US and UK ‘crack online encryption’

US and UK intelligence have reportedly cracked technology used to encrypt internet services such as online banking, medical records and email. Disclosures by leaker Edward Snowden allege the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK’s GCHQ are hacking key online security protocols. The encryption techniques targeted are used by popular internet services such as… Read More »

Ted Nugent’s Wife Arrested for Gun Found in Luggage

The wife of Ted Nugent was arrested Thursday for a handgun found in her carry-on luggage at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Shemane Ann Nugent’s attorney, David Finn, said that she made an “honest mistake” having the gun in her bag, as reported by the Dallas Morning News. “She is very embarrassed. She’s never been… Read More »

Verizon’s Creepy Idea to Spy on TV Viewers

A couple snuggling in front of the TV could end up getting bombarded by commercials for romantic vacations, flowers or even condoms and birth control pills. That creepy invasion-of-privacy scenario comes from a Verizon patent idea that envisions spying on TV viewers for the sake of serving up related ads. Verizon aims to track the… Read More »

Obama: Outside of self-defense a US President may not unilaterally authorize military attacks

… In 2008, President Obama, when he was a candidate for President, had this question-and-answer exchange with the Boston Globe: “Q. In what circumstances, if any, would the president have constitutional authority to bomb Iran without seeking a use-of-force authorization from Congress? Specifically, what about the strategic bombing of suspected nuclear sites — a situation… Read More »

Biggest U.S. rocket blasts off with spy satellite

An unmanned Delta 4-Heavy rocket, the largest in the U.S. fleet, blasted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on Wednesday to put a classified spy satellite into orbit for the National Reconnaissance Office, officials said Wednesday. The 23-story-tall rocket lifted off at 11:03 a.m. local time/1803 GMT from a launch pad originally built… Read More »

Iranian parliament pursuing lawsuit against CIA for 1953 coup

… A week after declassified CIA documents came to light verifying that the U.S. spy agency was behind a 1953 coup in Iran, parliamentarians in the Islamic Republic voted Tuesday to fast-track a lawsuit against Washington for interfering in Iranian domestic political affairs. Sections of an internal CIA history of the operation that ousted Iranian… Read More »

Ford describes glimpsing gun before assassination attempt

A bright red dress. A weathered face. And a gun, almost as large as the shooter’s hand. Those were the images seared into President Gerald Ford’s memory as he recalled the September day in 1975 when Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, a follower of Charles Manson, pointed a gun at him near the California capitol in Sacramento.… Read More »

Guardian says Britain made it destroy Snowden material

… British authorities forced the Guardian newspaper to destroy material leaked by Edward Snowden, its editor has revealed, calling it a “pointless” move that would not prevent further reporting on U.S. and British surveillance programmes. In a column on Tuesday, Alan Rusbridger said he had received a call from a government official a month ago… Read More »

Ex-Pakistan ruler Pervez Musharraf indicted in Benazir Bhutto murder case

Bhutto, Pakistan’s first female prime minister, was assassinated in a gun-suicide attack in December 2007, shortly after she came back to Pakistan from self-imposed exile to take part in the 2008 general elections. Musharraf was president at the time.Musharraf’s government blamed former Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud for the assassination, saying he had paid a… Read More »

Snowden journalist to publish UK secrets after Britain detains partner

The journalist who first published secrets leaked by fugitive former U.S. intelligence agency contractor Edward Snowden vowed on Monday to publish more documents and said Britain will be “sorry” for detaining his partner for nine hours. British authorities used anti-terrorism laws on Sunday to detain David Miranda, partner of U.S. journalist Glenn Greenwald, as he… Read More »

Official: Embassy Attack Threat “Had No Basis in Fact”

After initially warning of a terror plot “thought to have been one of the most serious against American and other Western interests since the September 11 attacks,” the US closed 20 embassies and consulates earlier this month, 18 of which reopened yesterday. The announcement of the threat occurred as it was simultaneously acknowledged that the… Read More »

Fukushima now in state of emergency, leaking 300 tons of radioactive water into the ocean daily

Japan’s nuclear watchdog has now declared the leak of radioactive water from Fukushima a “state of emergency.” Each day, 300 tons of radioactive water seeps into the ocean, and it’s now clear that TEPCO has engage in a two-and-a-half-year cover-up of immense magnitude. “I believe it’s been leaking into the ocean from the start of… Read More »

Holder to rewrite rules in ‘war on drugs’

Attorney General Eric Holder called for overhauling the way in which the Justice Department prosecutes minor drug cases, announcing Monday that federal prosecutors will stop charging low-level drug offenders with crimes carrying strict mandatory minimum sentences.Holder noted that the rapid rise in the U.S. prison population has slowed in recent years. Still, “too many Americans… Read More »

China set to become world’s biggest net oil importer

China is set to overtake the United States to become the world’s largest net oil importer from October, according to US figures. Next year, China’s net oil imports will exceed those of the United States on an annual basis and the gap between them will continue to widen, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) said.… Read More »

Obama announces new NSA surveillance rules

On Friday, United States President Barack Obama unveiled new measures he says will increase transparency and build public trust in government surveillance programs. President Obama told a packed room of journalists at the White House Friday afternoon that he will work to reform Section 215 of the Patriot Act, the provision that currently allows the… Read More »

Solar power users considering legal action against WA government after it announces cut to feed-in tariffs

Solar power users considering legal action against WA government after it announces cut to feed-in tariffsBy Pamela Medlen Posted August 09, 2013 17:03:42 Thousands of solar power users in Western Australia are reeling from the State Government’s announcement that it will slash feed-in tariffs. Some say they won’t be able to pay back the loans… Read More »

Letters: US should leave Edward Snowden alone

More than 150 civil society organisations from around the globe are asking President Barack Obama to end the prosecution of Edward Snowden (Activists stage second national day of protest against NSA’s domestic spying, 4 August). Human rights, digital rights and media freedom campaigners from the UK to Uruguay and from the US to Uganda have… Read More »

Taiwan Lawmakers Brawl Over Nuclear Plant Bill

Taiwanese lawmakers have exchanged punches and thrown water at each other ahead of an expected vote authorizing a referendum on whether to go ahead with the construction of a fourth power plant. Friday’s fracas pitted the pro-referendum forces of President Ma Ying-jeou’s ruling Nationalist Party against strongly anti-nuclear forces affiliated with the main opposition Democratic… Read More »

Feds will declassify Yahoo PRISM decision by September

The Justice Department says it will declassify a 2008 decision in which the country’s secret spy court rebuffed Yahoo’s attempt to challenge a controversial surveillance program. In a rare public filing with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court (embedded below), the Justice Department says it will declassify the decision by September 12, and that it will… Read More »

Holder Tells Russia Snowden Won’t Face Death Penalty

Attorney General Eric Holder has told the Russian government that fugitive former security contractor Edward Snowden won’t be tortured or face the death penalty if he is returned to the U.S. Holder offered the assurances to Russian authorities in a letter dated July 23 and released today by the Justice Departmentin a bid to persuade… Read More »

Being rude to French president no longer an offence

Being rude to the French president is no longer an offence after parliament agreed on Thursday to amend legislation dating back to 1881 in favour of freedom of speech. Vía Reuters: Oddly Enough

House rejects effort to curb NSA phone surveillance (WTF?)

The U.S. House on Wednesday narrowly defeated a proposal to sharply restrict the National Security Agency’s phone surveillance program that was exposed by Edward Snowden. The Obama administration and House Speaker John Boehner, unlikely allies in the sharp partisan climate in Washington, joined forces to reject the limit offered as an amendment to a defense… Read More »

George H.W. Bush shaves head in support of boy with leukemia

Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush shaved his salt and pepper comb-over locks in solidarity with a 2-year-old boy who lost his hair from leukemia treatments, his office said in a statement on Wednesday. … Vía Reuters: Oddly Enough Stem cells to cure leukemia may be the solution: Stem cell transplant gives hope to… Read More »

NSA director lied under oath to Congress

… James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, should be immediately fired and indicted for committing perjury. Clapper has admitted now, and only after whistleblower Edward Snowden courageously revealed the truth, that he did not tell the truth in his sworn testimony before Congress on March 12, 2013. “Does the NSA collect any type of… Read More »

N.S.A. Director Lobbies House on Eve of Critical Vote

… Gen. Keith B. Alexander, the N.S.A. director, met with Democrats and Republicans to lobby against a proposed amendment to a military appropriations bill that would stop the financing for its phone data collection program. The Republican-sponsored legislation is one of the first Congressional efforts to curb the agency’s domestic spying efforts since they were… Read More »