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Movie Review: Up in the Air

The last movie I saw in 2009, minutes ago, was “Up in the Air”. It seemed like a big attack on the choice to remain unmarried, but by the time it ended, it was more realistic than I expected.  Some people, including some old people, have remained single because they never made the right connection.… Read More »

Man Marries Virtual Girlfriend … With Public Reception

The man reportedly fell in love with a virtual girl named Nene Anegasaki and plans to hold a public wedding reception in Tokyo. Since the girl doesn’t really exist, SAL9000 reportedly took his Nintendo DS to Guam for a legal ceremony and honeymoon, and will livecast the upcoming wedding reception online, reported. SAL9000 met… Read More »

Tough love ‘is good for children’

Children brought up according to “tough love” principles are more successful in life, according to a study. The think tank Demos says a balance of warmth and discipline improved social skills more than a laissez-faire, authoritarian or disengaged upbringing. It says children aged five with “tough love” parents were twice as likely to show good… Read More »

Kissing was developed ‘to spread germs’

It isn’t the most romantic theory, but scientists believe kissing was developed to spread germs which build up immunity to illness. They say the gesture allows a bug named Cytomegalovirus, which is dangerous in pregnancy, to be passed from man to woman to give her time to build up protection against it. The bug is… Read More »

Britain’s oldest newly-weds have combined age of 181

Britain’s oldest bridegroom has tied the knot aged 94 to his 87-year-old partner – a record-breaking marriage giving them a combined age of 181. Les Atwell and his girlfriend of four years Sheila Walsh married in front of friends and family to become Britain’s oldest newly-weds. The couple, from Paignton, Devon, met after Mr Atwell’s… Read More »

People can die of a broken heart: study

Australian researchers have found that as well causing emotional symptoms, the grief from losing a loved one can lead to physical changes putting people at greater risk of a heart attack. Researchers at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital found that people who were suffering grief had higher blood pressure, increased heart rate and changes to… Read More »

Man leaps into river to escape wife nagging

A MAN jumped into a fast-flowing river because he couldn’t take his wife’s nagging anymore. The Chinese truck driver, known as Zhou, and his wife were on a ferry on the Yangtze River when it all became too much for him, the Chongqing Evening Post reports. Members of the ship’s crew saw the man suddenly… Read More »

Man, 93, and bride, 89, tie the knot in Florida

One Florida couple is starting married life with 182 years of experience between them. Ebenezer Rose, 93, wed 89-year-old Monica Hayden on Sunday in West Palm Beach. The couple said they decided to get married after a brief courtship. Rose said he told Hayden that “each of us is living a lonely life. Why not… Read More »

Funny men seen as ‘more intelligent’

Having trouble impressing the ladies? Try telling them a joke or two. A sense of humour makes men seem more intelligent, trustworthy – and a better bet for a relationship, a study found. Psychologist Kristofor McCarty said it appeared that men really can laugh women into bed. He said: ‘A quick browse of lonely hearts… Read More »

World’s earliest computer used for love poetry!

The first task for the world’s earliest computer – the Manchester-built Mark One – was to compose romantic verse. After creating the Mark One’s small-scale prototype, the Baby Computer, in 1948, Manchester University scientists earned world-wide fame. Then dozens of pioneer software programs were specially written, only to be lost over time. But German academic… Read More »

Kisses unleash chemicals that ease stress levels

“Chemistry look what you’ve done to me,” Donna Summer crooned in Science of Love, and so, it seems, she was right. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a panel of scientists examined the mystery of what happens when hearts throb and lips lock. Kissing, it turns out, unleashes chemicals that ease stress hormones in both… Read More »

Harlow’s for Valentine’s Day dinner

Saw some live jazz (Vivian Lee) and also went to watch Amy (and Shawn) sing with Love Train at Harlow’s in Sacramento for a Valentine’s Day dinner. The Crab souffle appetizer was impressively delicious!

St Valentine ‘not saint of love’

Britain’s Roman Catholic Church is advising lovelorn singles to direct their February 14 requests for love to St Raphael, rather than St Valentine. Over the years St Valentine has come incorrectly to be associated with finding love, the Church says. He is the patron saint for those who have already found their soulmate. St Raphael… Read More »

The Article About Cheating

I once dated a reporter for three and a half years.  It didn’t work out. I was surprised and quite sad. To help me get over it, I learned some French and flew to Paris for a week. We both went on to love again and to have some great adventures. I’m doing fine now,… Read More »

“Become love”? What the bleep does that mean?

Tonight I heard a poet speak. He said, “You must stop looking for love and become love. You must stop asking for love and become love. You must stop begging for love and become love.” This annoyed me … but it drew me in. What does that MEAN? I thought about it for hours. I’m… Read More »

Link found between physical and emotional warmth

Looking to improve your romantic odds? Get your date a steaming cup of coffee. That’s the implication of a new study by researchers who wanted to see if there was any connection between physical and emotional heat.  To their surprise, they found that people who held a cup of hot coffee for 10 to 25… Read More »

Sexy People Sound Better

People with voices deemed sexy and attractive tend to have greater body symmetry upon close inspection, suggesting that what we hear in a person can greatly affect what we see in them. “The sound of a person’s voice reveals a considerable amount of biological information,” said Susan Hughes, an evolutionary psychologist from Albright College in… Read More »

Watermelon, the New Oyster? Fruit Said to Have ‘Viagra-Like’ Effects on Blood Vessels

Forget the oysters. Texas A&M scientists say watermelon contains ingredients that deliver Viagra-like effects to the body’s blood vessels and may even increase the libido. Researchers from Texas A&M long have studied the fruit and found that it contains natural “enhancers” to the human body. “We’ve always known that watermelon is good for you, but… Read More »

Office Romance Gets Contractual

As a Safeguard, Some Employers Are Asking Employees to Fill Out ‘Love Contracts’ Navigating the workplace can be difficult in itself, but adding a romantic element can make the office landscape more difficult to steer. That’s why some employers are asking employees who date one another to sign so-called love contracts. “It is documenting the… Read More »

Couple, married 83 years, share their secret

The year was 1925. Calvin Coolidge was president, Adolf Hitler released the first part of his book, “Mein Kampf,” Charlie Chaplin’s big movie was “The Gold Rush,” flappers were singing and dancing to “Sweet Georgia Brown” and “I’m Sitting on Top of the World,” the Scopes Trial played out in Tennessee, the first television images… Read More »

ONCE: Falling Slowly.

This song reminds me that in a parallel Universe, years ago, I took a bus ride for fun. I met and asked a girl out on a date. We went rowing on a lake that weekend. We were in our 20’s. She was a talented musician. We have been together ever since, in college, in… Read More »

Valentine’s Day History: February fertility festivals

Though popular modern sources link unspecified Graeco-Roman February holidays alleged to be devoted to fertility and love to St Valentine’s Day, Professor Jack Oruch of the University of Kansas argued[2] that prior to Chaucer, no links between the Saints named Valentinus and romantic love existed. …In Ancient Rome, February 15 was Lupercalia, an archaic rite… Read More »

World’s Most Romantic Restaurants

February 13th, 2008 Our 12 restaurant picks from around the world have all the right elements—a seductive view, an unhurried atmosphere, terrific food… Source: Concierge

See’s Candies Recalls Chocolate Day Before Valentine’s Day

Just before Valentine’s Day, See’s Candies has announced it is recalling 16-ounce bags of its Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips.The company said the candies may contain undeclared traces of milk. People with severe milk allergies are warned that eating the candies can result in serious or life-threatening allergic reactions.Concerned consumers who bought the product should return… Read More »