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Anti-Joke: The man with half of his head a giant orange

A guy walks into a bar. Half of his head is a giant orange. The bartender goes, “OH MY GOD, YOUR HEAD IS A GIANT ORANGE!” Out of his half-mouth, the guy says, “Yeah, yeah, I know. Pour me a shot and I’ll explain.” Confused, the bartender pours the guy a shot. The guy downs… Read More »

Now that is shut down, where to watch South Park

Too bad about but since people were posting current movies there, it seemed unavoidable. South Park, which is free to watch, should not be watched. This is due to it’s coarse language and content. Especially, I would never watch the episode “Gluten Free Ebola“. I have no affiliation with the show. It is a… Read More »

DNA demonstrates how closely everyone on Earth is related

Just from some basic math you can see that everyone alive today is related.   New research by Peter Ralph of USC Dornsife has confirmed that everyone on Earth is related to everyone else on the planet. … The assistant professor of computational biology‘s background in math and statistics enables him to develop methods and… Read More »

What day would you choose to relive?

My fiancé and I visited the Chabot Space and Science Center today before taking a nice hike in the nearby hills. Chabot has an enjoyable 30 minute show in the planetarium titled “We are Aliens”. While it didn’t go into my theory that we humans are aliens seeded from space … Per se, it did… Read More »

PayPal accidentally credits man $92 quadrillion

When Chris Reynolds opened his June PayPal e-mail statement, something was off. The Pennsylvania PR executive’s account balance had swelled to a whopping $92,233,720,368,547,800. That’s $92 QUADRILLION (and change). Money that would make Reynolds — who also sells auto parts on eBay in his spare time — the richest man in the world by a… Read More »

Mars Rover “Draws” Very Naughty Image

NASA’s high-tech Curiosity rover may be getting a little cheeky over there on Mars. In a photo of Curiosity’s track patterns, published on the robotics section of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory site, the Mars rover appears to have traced out a very phallic design on the Red Planet’s dusty surface. The rover’s picture went viral… Read More »

Dr Mercola attacks your Bra??

Yahoo inbox fun: It’s actually another good article from Dr Mercola explaining the dangers of fluoride … And that’s brain, not bra… And it is Substance F doing the attacking, not the good doctor. 😉

Opinion: Egypt, give Bassem Youssef a break

We saw a disturbing example this week when Egyptian TV host and comedian Bassem Youssef, frequently described as Egypt’s Jon Stewart, was charged with the crimes of mocking Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy and insulting Islam. If convicted, Youssef could be fined and sentenced to prison. Now, before you quickly categorize this incident under the catch… Read More »

Google declares end of YouTube

The best April Fool’s pranks are absurd but also have a kernel of believability at their core just big enough to reel people in. While the notion that YouTube has been a 8-year-long contest and Google is finally choosing a winner and shutting the site down tonight is pretty hard to swallow on its face,… Read More »

Happy Patrick Stewart’s Day

To be honest, even though I’m part Irish, I’ve never understood St. Patrick’s Day. From now on, I’ve decided to celebrate Sir Patrick Stewart’s day on that day instead. He’s a much better role model. I’ll watch a few of his films, X-men or something, and eat some organic popcorn. Rock out., fooled by The Daily Currant

18 hours ago 18 hours ag News outlets including and were duped by a satirical website into reporting economist Paul Krugman had filed for bankruptcy., run by the Boston Globe, and conservative blog wrote reports about Krugman’s supposed personal bankruptcy using Australia’s Format magazine as a source, Politico reported Monday. However,… Read More »

The Spectacular Thefts of Apollo Robbins, Pickpocket

A few years ago, at a Las Vegas convention for magicians, Penn Jillette, of the act Penn and Teller, was introduced to a soft-spoken young man named Apollo Robbins, who has a reputation as a pickpocket of almost supernatural ability. Jillette, who ranks pickpockets, he says, “a few notches below hypnotists on the show-biz totem… Read More »

‘Tomatoes are Christian,’ Egyptian Salafi group warns

A Salafi group called the “Popular Egyptian Islamic Association” has warned Muslims against eating tomatoes on the grounds that the fruit is a “Christian food,” has reported. The group based its claim on the fact that a shape resembling a cross is revealed when one cuts a tomato in half. The association published the… Read More »

Microsoft fixes ‘big boobs’ coding gaffe

Microsoft has swiftly fixed an embarrassing gaffe which saw a chunk of code labelled “big boobs”. The hexadecimal string 0xB16B00B5 was discovered lurking in code that helps a Microsoft program work with Linux open source software. The controversial string came to light on a mailing list for developers who oversee the core, or kernel, of… Read More »

Telephone Scam Artist Call Back

When you know something is a scam and you pretend to go along with it to waste the scammer’s time, that’s called scam baiting. Here’s a great example: You want my address? Sure, read me the one you have for me. Yes, that’s my address. Can’t wait to get my $35,000 cash money. Think someone… Read More »

Man who died laughing at Goodies had Long QT syndrome

The bricklayer from King’s Lynn, Norfolk was said to have guffawed so hard at the BBC sketch show that his heart gave out. Decades on, doctors have established that he really did die laughing. Cardiologists believe Mr Mitchell suffered from a rare heart rhythm disorder, Long QT syndrome, which can induce cardiac arrest when triggered… Read More »

What exactly is ‘Hand Shredded A$$ Meat’? A new dictionary for Chinese restaurants may tell you

Overseas tourists often find the menus here befuddling, for good reason. After all, what Westerner has experience with foods like these? “Cowboy leg,” “Hand-shredded ass meat,” “Red-burned lion head,” “Strange flavor noodles,” “Blow-up flatfish with no result,” or “Tofu made by woman with freckles.” As proud as the Chinese people are of their thousands of… Read More »

‘Bird Man’ Admits Hoax on Dutch Television

… The man who claimed to achieve bird-like flight with a custom-built contraption came clean today: It was a hoax 8 months in the making. Netherlands artist Floris Kaayk, who went by the name of Jarno Smeets during his “Human Birdwings” project, admitted to the hoax today on a Dutch television program called “De Wereld… Read More »

Billboard promoting literacy night contains unfortunate spelling mistake

Students at Lakewood High School in St Petersburg spotted the basic grammatical error on the giant sign and immediately began posting pictures of the message online. The mistake happened when hapless teacher Austin Simmons arranged the sign to promote the school’s leap day literacy event. Unfortunately the sign read: ‘LAEPING TO LITERACY NIGHT’. Mr Simmons… Read More »

Who is Benny Lava, and why am I laughing so hard?

This is a few years old, but that’s how slow I am to keep up with funny videos. “This is what an eastern film sound like in english. This is not a translation but what it sounds like in English…” Link to youtube video here. Warning: contains some pretty sick mishearing.

Schoolyard penis drawing seen from space

Two pupils who drew a giant penis on a school lawn using weed killer two years ago can still admire their work from satellite photos now posted on the internet. Despite the school re-seeding the area, the penis has turned up on satellite image search engines because a photo was taken before the new grass… Read More »

Today is the day to turn your amp up to 11

The year 1984 gave the world popular movies like “Ghostbusters,” “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” and “Beverly Hills Cop.” It also introduced “This Is Spinal Tap,” a mockumentary about an unsuccessful American tour by the fictional British band Spinal Tap featuring actors Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer and Michael McKean, who played guitarist Nigel… Read More »

Apple’s Siri is Apple’s buttocks in Japan

By: Chris Matyszczyk  When I first heard that Apple had delivered a new, intelligent, and very personal assistant to everyone who buys an iPhone 4S, one question gripped me: Why had the company named her after Tom Cruise’s daughter? Was this a neat Hollywood homage? Then I paid attention a little more and realized she… Read More »

Internet Explorer story was bogus

A story which suggested that users of Internet Explorer have a lower IQ than people who chose other browsers appears to have been an elaborate hoax. A number of media organisations, including the BBC, reported on the research, put out by Canadian firm ApTiquant. It later emerged that the company’s website was only recently set… Read More »

Mahatma Gandhi’s face seen on Mars!

An Italian space enthusiast, while going through pictures of Mars, claims to have found a structure on the face of the planet that resembles Mahatma Gandhi. Matteo Lanneo was scanning through the latest images sent by the Mars Express probe when he came across the uncanny resemblance to India’s father of the nation, the Daily… Read More »

SpongeBob lends name to new mushroom species

A new species of mushroom has been named by its discoverers after the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants. The fungus, named Spongiforma squarepantsii by the researchers at San Francisco State University (SFSU), was found during an expedition to the forests of Borneo. S. squarepantsii is shaped like a sea sponge and, say its discoverers, has a… Read More »