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G20 assault trial: Guilty verdict for officer who hit Adam Nobody

A Toronto police officer accused of using excessive force during the arrest of G20 protester Adam Nobody is guilty of assault with a weapon, Justice Louise Botham ruled Thursday. Const. Babak Andalib-Goortani, 33, had pleaded not guilty to the charge. In his tearful testimony earlier this year, he said that he struck and jabbed Nobody… Read More »

Vodafone Germany hack hits two million customers

Personal details of more than two million customers of Vodafone Germany have been stolen by a hacker.Vodafone said the attacker got access to customer names, addresses, bank account numbers and birth dates. The trove of information was stolen from a database sitting on the company’s internal network. The operator said customers had been told about… Read More »

9/11 Videos

If 9/11 was not an inside job, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. This web site has a few of them. Various administration officials, with slips of the tongue, deny the official story and admit to complicity in 9/11. The Man Who Knew: Frontline documentary on John O’Neill. For… Read More »

NSA Has Direct Access to Smartphone Data, Report Says

NSA Has Direct Access to Smartphone Data, Report Says Just when it seemed the biggest NSA-related revelations were over, a new report says the U.S. intelligence agency has had direct access to private smartphone data for years. Germany’s Spiegel Online claims it has seen documents that detail the NSA’s ability to tap into leading smartphone… Read More »

107-year-old man shot and killed by Arkansas police

An elderly Arkansas man allegedly shot at a SWAT team responding to a call about a disturbance, and was killed in the confrontation. TODAY’s Thomas Roberts reports. A 107-year-old Arkansas man was shot and killed by SWAT officers after allegedly provoking a shootout on Saturday night, according to police. The Pine Bluff Police Department got… Read More »

Google argues for right to continue scanning Gmail

Google’s attorneys say their long-running practice of electronically scanning the contents of people’s Gmail accounts to help sell ads is legal, and are asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit that seeks to stop the practice. In a federal court hearing Thursday in San Jose, Google argued that “all users of email must necessarily… Read More »

Ted Nugent’s Wife Arrested for Gun Found in Luggage

The wife of Ted Nugent was arrested Thursday for a handgun found in her carry-on luggage at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Shemane Ann Nugent’s attorney, David Finn, said that she made an “honest mistake” having the gun in her bag, as reported by the Dallas Morning News. “She is very embarrassed. She’s never been… Read More »

“Ghostbuster” Arrested For Conducting Penis Exorcism

A man has been arrested in China after he charged a young woman to rid her vagina of ghosts with his penis. The self-proclaimed “ghostbuster” was held by police after he conducted the exorcism for 20,000 yuan (£2,000). After the woman, A Xin, called police a day after the bizarre event, police arrested Huang Jianjun,… Read More »

Guardian says Britain made it destroy Snowden material

… British authorities forced the Guardian newspaper to destroy material leaked by Edward Snowden, its editor has revealed, calling it a “pointless” move that would not prevent further reporting on U.S. and British surveillance programmes. In a column on Tuesday, Alan Rusbridger said he had received a call from a government official a month ago… Read More »

Holder to rewrite rules in ‘war on drugs’

Attorney General Eric Holder called for overhauling the way in which the Justice Department prosecutes minor drug cases, announcing Monday that federal prosecutors will stop charging low-level drug offenders with crimes carrying strict mandatory minimum sentences.Holder noted that the rapid rise in the U.S. prison population has slowed in recent years. Still, “too many Americans… Read More »

Obama announces new NSA surveillance rules

On Friday, United States President Barack Obama unveiled new measures he says will increase transparency and build public trust in government surveillance programs. President Obama told a packed room of journalists at the White House Friday afternoon that he will work to reform Section 215 of the Patriot Act, the provision that currently allows the… Read More »

NSA paid British spy agency $150 mln in secret funds – new leak

The NSA has made hush-hush payments of at least $150 million to Britain’s GCHQ spying agency over the past three years to influence British intelligence gathering operations. The payouts were revealed in new Snowden leaks published by The Guardian. The documents illustrate that the NSA expects the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters, known as GCHQ, to… Read More »

Feds will declassify Yahoo PRISM decision by September

The Justice Department says it will declassify a 2008 decision in which the country’s secret spy court rebuffed Yahoo’s attempt to challenge a controversial surveillance program. In a rare public filing with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court (embedded below), the Justice Department says it will declassify the decision by September 12, and that it will… Read More »

Robber Steals $53M in Jewels at Cannes Hotel

The Cannes, France, hotel that served as the setting for one of the most famous jewel heist movies of all time today was the scene of a brazen armed robbery, when a gunman made off with an estimated $53 million in jewels and diamonds from a gem exhibition. The gunman walked into the luxury Carlton… Read More »

Pink Panther Jewel Thief Escapes Swiss Prison Amid Gunfire

A member of the Pink Panther gang of jewel thieves escaped from a prison in the Swiss canton of Vaud late yesterday, according to local police. Milan Poparic, a 34-year-old Bosnian sentenced to six years and eight months incarceration for robbing a jewelery store in Neuchatel, Switzerland, in 2009, escaped with another prisoner and two… Read More »

House rejects effort to curb NSA phone surveillance (WTF?)

The U.S. House on Wednesday narrowly defeated a proposal to sharply restrict the National Security Agency’s phone surveillance program that was exposed by Edward Snowden. The Obama administration and House Speaker John Boehner, unlikely allies in the sharp partisan climate in Washington, joined forces to reject the limit offered as an amendment to a defense… Read More »

NSA director lied under oath to Congress

… James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, should be immediately fired and indicted for committing perjury. Clapper has admitted now, and only after whistleblower Edward Snowden courageously revealed the truth, that he did not tell the truth in his sworn testimony before Congress on March 12, 2013. “Does the NSA collect any type of… Read More »

N.S.A. Director Lobbies House on Eve of Critical Vote

… Gen. Keith B. Alexander, the N.S.A. director, met with Democrats and Republicans to lobby against a proposed amendment to a military appropriations bill that would stop the financing for its phone data collection program. The Republican-sponsored legislation is one of the first Congressional efforts to curb the agency’s domestic spying efforts since they were… Read More »

Militant group claims responsibility for Iraq prison attacks

An al Qaeda group claimed responsibility Tuesday for coordinated attacks on two Iraqi prisons that a lawmaker said freed more than 500 inmates, including some senior members of the militant group. Militants supported by suicide bombers and armed with mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns attacked two Iraqi prisons Sunday and Monday as inmates inside… Read More »

SIM card flaw said to allow hijacking of millions of phones

Vulnerability in the security key that protects the card could allow eavesdropping on phone conversations, fraudulent purchases, or impersonation of the handset’s owner, a security researcher warns. A vulnerability on SIM cards used in some mobile phones could allow malware infection and surveillance, a security researcher warns. Karsten Nohl, founder of Security Research Labs in… Read More »

10,000 Live Turtles Found Packed In Luggage At Indian Airport

Two passengers have been detained at an airport near Kolkata, India on charges of smuggling wildlife. The evidence against them? A staggering total of 10,043 baby sea turtles found stashed in their luggage. Now, I’m not exactly well versed in India’s legal system, but I do have to assume “possession of 10,000 turtles” is fairly… Read More »

‘You are being tracked’: ACLU reveals docs of mass license plate reader surveillance

The American Civil Liberties Union has released documents confirming that police license plate readers capture vast amounts of data on innocent people, and in many instances this intelligence is kept forever. According to documents obtained through a number of Freedom of Information Act requests filed by ACLU offices across the United States, law enforcement agencies… Read More »

Bank To Spy On Customers Via Cellphone Location Tracking

It’s not just governments that are using cellphone location data to spy on citizens – banks are now getting in on the act too – with Barclays announcing changes to its customer agreement that will open the door to individuals being tracked in the name of preventing fraud. Barclays’ new customer agreement terms (PDF) –… Read More »

How to Lock Down Facebook Privacy, hahahaha

Facebook privacy settings are complex and, to make things more difficult, they change on a regular basis. We explored how to lock down your Facebook account’s privacy settings, for both your public profile and under the hood. Follow this simple step-by-step process to make sure you’re not sharing anything outside your comfort zone. Taking some… Read More »

In Secret, Court Vastly Broadens Powers of N.S.A.

In more than a dozen classified rulings, the nation’s surveillance court has created a secret body of law giving the National Security Agency the power to amass vast collections of data on Americans while pursuing not only terrorism suspects, but also people possibly involved in nuclear proliferation, espionage and cyberattacks, officials say. The rulings, some… Read More »

Supreme Court asked to stop NSA telephone surveillance

The U.S. Supreme Court is being asked to stop the National Security Agency’s surveillance of domestic telephone communications data. In an emergency appeal filed Monday, a privacy rights group claimed a secret federal court improperly authorized the government to collect the electronic records, and said only the justices could resolve the statutory issues at stake.… Read More »

Ex-Tiffany exec charged in $1.3 mln jewel theft

Ingrid Lederhaas-Okun was arrested at her home in a Connecticut suburb for allegedly stealing jewelry from the iconic chain and reselling the valuables for $1.3 million, NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports. A former executive with Tiffany & Co. stole diamond and other jewelry from the famed company’s Manhattan headquarters and resold it for more than $1.3… Read More »

Woman Arrested For Kissing Cop On The Nose

When 62-year-old Peggy Hill reportedly laid a wet one on a police officer, she basically kissed her freedom goodbye. The Florida woman was arrested for allegedly kissing a cop on the nose Saturday evening and jailed on charges of felony battery of a law enforcement officer. Authorities were responding to a report of an altercation… Read More »

China: Parents can sue children for neglect

Visit your parents. That’s an order. China’s national legislature amended its law on the elderly yesterday to require that adult children visit their aged parents “often” – or risk being sued by them. State media said the new clause would allow elderly parents who felt neglected by their children to take them to court. The… Read More »

Sweet Misery: The Eye-Opening Story Behind Aspartame

Aspartame — best known by the names of Nutrasweet and Equal — is believed to be carcinogenic and accounts for more reports of adverse reactions than all other foods and food additives combined. Yet, this artificial sweetener continues to be used in more than 6,000 products (often sugar-free or “diet” versions), and millions of people… Read More »

More: Illness for you, Money for the ADA

By Dr. Mercola On March 28, the Dr. Oz Show featured a segment titled “Are Your Silver Fillings Making You Sick?” The program explained the toxic health problems linked to mercury fillings, and even measured the mercury released from the fillings when brushing the teeth of a model mouth. The segment is evidence that the… Read More »

NSA’s lax ban on USB drives may have contributed to PRISM leaks

… News about the NSA and FBI’s surveillance programs doesn’t just have privacy advocates wringing their hands in consternation; IT security analysts have raised the critical question as to how a 29-year-old government contractor was able to surreptitiously abscond with sensitive classified documents, share them with two media outlets, and escape the country unmolested. It… Read More »