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Congress Passes Bill Which Grants “Unlimited Access to Communications of American”

According to Congressman Justin Amash, Congress just passed a bill which grants the government and law enforcement “unlimited access to the communications of every American”. When the Michigan lawmaker discovered that the Intelligence Authorization Act for FY 2015 had been amended with a provision that authorizes “the acquisition, retention, and dissemination” of all communications data… Read More »

Kentucky Police Set Up ‘Eating While Driving’ Checkpoints

… Kentucky State Police will be on the lookout for people who eat while they drive as part of Operation RAID, which will include checkpoints targeting “distracted drivers,” despite the fact that eating while driving is not banned in Kentucky. Operation R.A.I.D. (Remove Aggressive, Impaired and Distracted drivers from Kentucky Roadways), which starts this month,… Read More »

WiFi mandatory in every car? Block it.

The federal government said on Monday that it planned to require all new cars to broadcast their location, speed, direction and other data, and to receive similar data from other vehicles, to warn drivers of impending collisions. But regulators cautioned that any new rules would be years away. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans… Read More »

Florida parent says “religious zealots” got teen daughter arrested for lesbian relationship

An 18-year-old girl was arrested for statutory rape over a same-sex relationship in Florida because of bigoted parents, according to the mother of the arrested teen. Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt was arrested February 16 by the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office on two counts of lewd or lascivious battery on child. Her mother, Kelley Hunt Smith,… Read More »

Ohio school sends boy, 5, home over mohawk haircut

An Ohio kindergartner was forced to stay home from class after a school district said he couldn’t attend – because of his mohawk haircut. Officials from the Clark Shawnee School District in Springfield, Ohio, sent 5-year-old Ethan Clos home on Wednesday, saying his haircut was a disturbance to teachers and students in the classroom, WHIO… Read More »

Obama Moves To Authorize Domestic Drone Strikes

The Department of Homeland Security recently advanced a plan to deploy “public safety” drones in the skies over America, an action Congress authorized last year and called for the deployment of 30,000 drone surveillance vehicles by 2020. While DHS head Janet Napolitano says the primary mission for domestic drones is for situational awareness in “large… Read More »

Dogs in England must have microchips by 2016

Dog owners who refuse to fit Fido with a microchip may someday find themselves fetching a hefty fine, the British government said Wednesday. All dogs in England will have to be fitted with microchips by 2016, authorities said, meaning that canines across the country will be chasing cars with a tiny circuit embedded in the… Read More »

Microwave auditory effect

The microwave auditory effect, also known as the microwave hearing effect or the Frey effect, consists of audible clicks (or, with modulation, whole words) induced by pulsed/modulated microwave frequencies. The clicks are generated directly inside the human head without the need of any receiving electronic device. The effect was first reported by persons working in… Read More »

Climate Change Effect: Big Brother Spy Cameras To Prevent Uninsured Drivers From Getting Gas

Government officials are rolling out a hi-tech automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras to crack down on millions of motorists who drive without insurance. To add to the already out of control civilian camera spying system running 1% of the national debt while failing to prevent crime and new terror laws that feed all private… Read More »

Self-publishers accuse PayPal of censorship

The opening bedroom scene of Andrea Juillerat-Olvera’s new, erotic science-fiction novel Demon’s Grace is a classic of its kind. “He is on his knees,” it begins, “worshiping the cavernous female torso.” Sadly, for admirers of Juillerat-Olvera, it’s about to get harder to enjoy her fruity pose. In what victims are calling the most far-reaching act… Read More »

Theresa May unveils plan to fight anti-social behaviour

Home Secretary Theresa May is due to outline plans to give communities tougher protection from anti-social behaviour in England and Wales. She will say she still hears “horror stories of victims reporting the same problem over and over again”. Pilot schemes this summer will force the authorities to act if five households in a neighbourhood… Read More »

Megaupload shut down by US officials. Anonymous targets DOJ and FBI websites in retaliation

Megaupload, one of the internet’s largest file-sharing sites, has been shut down by officials in the US. The site’s founders have been charged with violating piracy laws. Federal prosecutors have accused it of costing copyright holders more than $500m (£320m) in lost revenue. The firm says it was diligent in responding to complaints about pirated… Read More »

Indefinite Domestic Military Detentions?

Congress is now considering legislative language to mandate indefinite military detentions of US citizens suspected of present or past associations with alleged terrorist groups, with or without evidence to prove it. More on that below. The 2006 Military Commissions Act authorized torture and sweeping unconstitutional powers to detain, interrogate, and prosecute alleged suspects and collaborators… Read More »

Homeland Security uses Minority Report-style system that uses algorithms to predict behaviour

An internal Homeland Security document has revealed that a controversial Minority Report-style programme designed to predict whether a person will commit a crime is already in use. The FAST system, which stands for Future Attribute Screening Technology, is being tested on some members of the public voluntarily. In Minority Report, the ‘PreCrime’ police department apprehends… Read More »

City Makes Thousands From Sagging Pants

Officials of one Georgia city says cracking down on sagging pants has earned nearly $4,000 in fines in less than a year. Albany, Ga. City Attorney Nathan Davis said that 187 citations have been issued and fines collected of $3,916 since the ordinance went into effect Nov. 23. Officials say the ordinance bans anyone from… Read More »

Microsoft scores patent for web-based spying technology

Microsoft has been granted a patent for a technology that could create wiretaps for several kinds of Internet communications, including video and voice calls over Skype, which Microsoft acquired in May. Federal law enforcement agencies have had difficulties tracking and recording criminal and terrorist conversations online. Back in September, it was reported that law enforcement… Read More »

‘Batman’ Arrested On Michigan Rooftop

Holy handcuffs! Police in a resort community in northwest Michigan are touting the arrest of the legendary caped crusader Batman, who was reportedly nabbed while dangling from a 30-foot-tall building. But wait, what sorcery is this? Police now say the Dark Knight they have taken into custody is an impostor! The unmasked superhero wannabe is… Read More »

We didn’t mishear hug ban, say Figtree High students

Students from Figtree High School have rejected suggestions they mistook a lesson on inappropriate behaviour for an announcement banning hugging. Several parents told the Mercury this week their children had been informed by a senior teacher at a school assembly that hugging was banned and those caught in the act would be punished with detention.… Read More »

People are being given too many recycling bins

Councils are asking householders to sort their rubbish into as many as nine bins to boost recycling, a survey suggests. On average, the Taxpayers’ Alliance pressure group found councils expected residents to sort their household waste into four bins, bags and caddies. Newcastle-under-Lyme had the largest number of bins, with nine containers. The government said… Read More »

Swiss Village: Pay Up or We’ll Kill Your Dog

A Swiss village has found a drastic way to compel dog holders to pay their pet’s annual tax: cough up, or the dog gets it. Reconvilier – population 2,245 humans, 280 dogs – plans to put Fido on notice if its owner doesn’t pay the annual $50 tax. Local official Pierre-Alain Nemitz says the move… Read More »

The FCC's Threat to Internet Freedom

Tomorrow morning the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will mark the winter solstice by taking an unprecedented step to expand government’s reach into the Internet by attempting to regulate its inner workings. In doing so, the agency will circumvent Congress and disregard a recent court ruling. How did the FCC get here? For years, proponents of… Read More »

Venezuelan parliament votes to tighten internet rules

The parliament in Venezuela has approved a law which will tighten the rules regulating internet content. Under the bill, online messages inciting hatred, or political and religious intolerance, are banned. The new law also prohibits contents which is deemed to disrespect public officials. Opposition politicians voted against the measure, which they say is a threat… Read More »

U.S. seizes sites linked to copyright infringement

Steven Musil – The U.S. government has launched a major crackdown on online copyright infringement, seizing dozens of sites linked to illegal file sharing and counterfeit goods. Torrent sites that link to illegal copies of music and movie files and sites that sell counterfeit goods were seized this week by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement… Read More »

Video: What happened when a man refused to be groped by TSA at SAN

  The head of the US agency that oversees airport screening has admitted that new pat-down inspections are more invasive than previous techniques. Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole was testifying to senators amid complaints the checks target sensitive body areas. Mr Pistole said he understood privacy concerns, but security was paramount. Meanwhile, footage of… Read More »