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Taking a break from blogging.

Hi Everyone, After years of almost daily blogging, I’ve decided to slow down a bit. Lately I’ve become exited about Open Courseware and the availability of entire training programs free on line as a supplement to paid courses and direct experience. What this means is I’m spending my free time learning in my field instead… Read More »

About your comments

Hi Everyone, Happy 4th of July. I’m back from a great relaxing camping vacation, looking forward to more blogging. Here’s a photo I took on my trip in the Avenue of the Giants. See the Bigfoot?

Those who report on their government’s human rights abuses should care about the murder of Anna Politkovskaya

As a journalist, Anna Politkovskaya’s fearless coverage of the conflict and human rights situation in Chechnya earned her international recognition. It also brought harassment and intimidation from authorities. She was detained, threatened and poisoned because of her work. In October 2006, she was shot dead at her home in Moscow. via Anna Politkovskaya | Amnesty… Read More »

Generic Comments will be Deleted

Due to abuse from automated blog spam scripts, if you leave a comment that is irrelevant to the content, or is obviously a computer generated word salad, I will delete your comment. Here are a few examples of the comments I delete and report as spam daily. Left out are the accompanying links to web… Read More »

New web site test

Hello, Hey, I’m curious what you think about this potential new web site design: Does it work for you? What’s missing that you would miss compared to this current blog? Thanks, Xeno

Sites that link to

I’ve been checking out Google Webmaster Tools this evening and I found that there are over 3 million links to my blog. I’ve been enjoying taking a look around the sites that link to this one. Here are the top 25 linkers to this site at this time according to Google. Thanks for the linka,… Read More »

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year. Have you made your resolutions? What will you do or do differently in 2013? My short list of goals: Finish CD Maximize health Reduce stress Plan wedding Keep up with friends Update website and blog Write an iPhone App


Okay, I’m off to my undisclosed prepper location. It’s been fun! See you on the other side. Have a great holiday or apocalypse, whichever comes first. Xeno

My Summer Vacation – Backpack Camping in Yosemite

Photos by Xeno, September 2012 I took a break from posting for a week or so while backpack camping in Yosemite. We went on an REI sponsored backpack adventure which began with one night at Tuolomne Meadows Backpackers camp to acclimatize to the altitude. We carried roughly 40 lb packs for several days at nearly… Read More »

Karma Experiment Results: Good deeds are punished

I thought donating my vacation time to helping feed people and helping friends instead of squandering my money on an island paradise might improve my Karma, but after returning to work from my vacation, I’ve experienced, instead, an obvious run of bad luck. Some people count their blessings, but I’ve started counting my curses: I… Read More »

Long term complications after adult braces

I’m about to get braces, but two people have told me they had cracked teeth, lost teeth and more periodontal disease after getting braces. I’m interested in the best long term tooth health, even into my 90s. My orthodontist does not think a person who takes care of himself will have these problems after treatment.… Read More »

Movie Review: The Change Up

I went on a date to a movie recently and she picked the film and I didn’t bother to see the previews or read the reviews. Mistake. See the movie “Change Up” if you are a guy with homosexual tendencies who would enjoy seeing a live naked baby squirt diarrhea into someone’s open mouth. Otherwise,… Read More »

A day I didn’t post anything

If I say today was a day I didn’t post anything, then I posted something. This is something. Hot summer so far. I am still sunburned from the lake on the 4th of July. How are you all doing?

What happened to should be back by Tuesday, June 14, 2011. My 10 year hosting plan for expired. After shopping around, I found a better deal with a different ISP for another long period of time. Once I get everything set up, I’m going to try to move this entire blog back to that domain, where… Read More »

The Blog is back, long live the Blog

Despite the message from WordPress yesterday saying this blog was suspended due to a violation of the terms of service, as happened four months ago, the message and suspension was an error. What actually happened is an automated system that detects links to black-listed web sites was triggered to shut me down. I’m not sure… Read More »

Rosie Vela

Today I got curious about the female singer who is singing with Jeff Lynne in ELO. It turned out to be quite  a story. Roseanne “Rosie” Vela, born in the coastal city of Galveston, Texas,  stayed with her boyfriend Jimmy Roberts, and married him in the hospital before he died of cancer. He sang her… Read More »

A little break

Happy New Year! Xeno is taking a few days off from blogging to explore an underground city and to make plans for 2011.

Blog restored!

Last night at about 11:20 PM displayed a message saying the blog was suspended due to a violation of the terms of service or advertising policy. It turns out that this was just a mistake by WordPress. The blog is now restored. I remained fairly calm and within four hours activated my back… Read More »

Taking a break

As you may have noticed the number of posts here has been unusually low. All is well with me but I’ve been spending every bit of my free time learning some new skills. I’ll be back, but posts will be low volume for the next month unless something major happens in the world of the… Read More »

On Vacation

Hi. Few posts until Tuesday as I’m doing some sightseeing. Can you tell where these iPhone photos were taken? ( more to come )

My Short Sale: Everything Worked Out Fine

Now I believe. I did it.  I bought a home, it sank, and now I have successfully abandoned ship. It was down to the wire: The Short Sale closed days before a foreclosure was due. I was almost taken for $3,000 by some shifty lawyers. In the end, a few hundred dollars to a qualified… Read More »

Got the Blues? Try this…

How was your day? Nothing much happened today. It is raining. It is tax time.  The news is depressing. According to some, the year 2010 could be the end. (Yeah right…) Listening back to my hours and hours of work on my music, I realized tonight that I don’t really like my own songs, so I pulled them… Read More »

It seems I’m Descended from Kings of England

Interesting surprise:  If not for King Henry I of England 32 generations ago, I would not exist.  I do partly have his nose … and his chin according to the Illustration of King Henry I from Cassell’s History of England. I have a new interest in history now.  My line to him is through “Elizabeth,… Read More »

Please stand by. Alien invasion forces relocation

I won’t be posting much over the next few days. Alien invaders (aka molds) in my lungs and in my walls due to a burst water pipe are forcing the immediate relocation of the International Xenophilius headquarters. Survival odds are excellent, but the battle is fierce and bloody and is requiring a tremendous mustering of… Read More »

Coincidence or Precognition?

Image: Maldives, island paradise, by daniel pozo Sometimes it seems that ripples from the future influence the present. I once had a vivid lucid dream where I walked through a particular tree. Years later I got a job in a building very close to that tree, and my office is straight through that particular tree… Read More »

Special link for viewing this WordPress blog on small web browsers

Someone was having trouble viewing this blog on small browsers. To view posts, you can use this link: or this Both of the above are short URLs for the link below. (The two http:// s are intentional.)   You can use google mobile reader to view any RSS feed this way:

Down time

Thanks for visiting the xenophilius blog. Normal posts of the world’s most ineresting strange news and science discoveries will resume in a few days. Happy new year!

Blogging from the road – Geocaching and Exploring Portland, OR

The day after Christmas: I’m on the road, visiting Portland, Oregon. News posts will be sporadic, returning in full force in the New Year,  but you are welcome to continue discussing/commenting on stories. A few minutes ago, after breakfast at a café called “detour,” (where I took the photo below), I used an iPhone app… Read More »

Merry Christmas

In the fog, on the freeway last night, walking, possibly hitchhiking, on I5 near Portland OR, I saw Santa Claus. (first photo is in San Francisco)

Email blogging test!

Enabled new features tonight. I can now blog by sending an email (even with some formatting) and each of my blog posts is mirrored on Twitter (so follow me if you do that) and Yahoo updates. Attached photos show up at the bottom of the post, and on Twitter with a short link to the… Read More »

Renters Insurance + Finding out you paid too much

I’m moving. What to keep? What to give away? For what I keep, I’m getting renters insurance. (Just putting the words “insurance” or “mortgage”  in a post on your blog is like putting a plate of raw meat out for spam bots, so I’m sure this post will be flooded with comment spam, but I… Read More »

Password Protected Posts

I’m playing with password protected posts tonight. Email me and tell me who you are and what you do for a living and why you want to read the post. I might send you the password.

Want a job? Give Bozeman your Facebook, Google passwords

If you’re planning to apply for a job with the city of Bozeman, Mont., be prepared to hand over much more than your references and resume. The Rocky Mountain city instructs all job applicants to divulge their user names and passwords for “any Internet-based chat rooms, social clubs or forums, to include, but not limited… Read More »

Last night of harmony festival

Last night of harmony festival, originally uploaded by xeno735. I’m lucky to be alive tonight. On Highway 101 South a large deer walked onto the freeway in front of my car. I had to slam on the brakes and swerve. The Prius I was driving handled very well breaking hard at freeway speed. Got two… Read More »

New free Xeno song: Night with an Empty Bucket

New free Xeno song: Night with an Empty Bucket This song is what happened as I was testing various instruments in Cubase 5 which I just purchased. It is odd for me to write a song with no guitar. Inspired by hearing about people who travel to foreign countries to help people less fortunate, and… Read More »

Test of the “RSS Ticker” add-in for Firefox

For those of you not using Firefox, one of the best things about it is that people are constantly writing new plug-ins you can easily add. Some are cosmetic, some improve security, and some improve your productivity and keep you better connected. RSS is a technology you can use with Firefox to subscribe to a… Read More »

My trade experiment: Results

I tried for several months to use this web site to “trade up” in order to get the Taylor guitar I want. Results:  Although the prospects looked fantastic at first, I conclude that even with 3,000 to 9,000 visitors per day on this blog, my trades  just were not going anywhere. I traded up to… Read More »