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The Microphone that got away

I have lately been building a vocal booth in my home studio and I’m taking recording engineering lessons from a Grammy award winning engineer to get past some roadblocks. After reading a slew of threads on and then testing a bunch of microphones myself I’ve decided that I want a Neumann U87 mic and… Read More »

Our brains are wired to see doing harm as worse than allowing harm

People typically say they are invoking an ethical principle when they judge acts that cause harm more harshly than willful inaction that allows that same harm to occur. That difference is even codified in criminal law. A new study based on brain scans, however, shows that people make that moral distinction automatically. Researchers found that… Read More »

Show tonight

Invitation: If you are in Sacramento tonight (black Friday, 2011) come down to Luna’s cafe. Amy and I will be playing some songs at a benefit around 7 pm. -Xeno

New Free Xeno Song – Everything Works Out Fine

Update: Song removed for repairs. Still some things about the mix I’m not liking. Stay tuned for mix #12.   New mix of my song “Everything Works Out Fine” on the left in the Box.Net Widget. Free MP3 to download if you like it. I’m starting to get closer to the sound and mix I… Read More »

Free Xeno Song: Kiss you on the Moon

This song resulted years ago when I tried to capture all of the best Apollo Moon Conspiracy tidbits in one epic space rock adventure. (First wrote the article, then boiled it down to the song.) I had the day off from work today, so I created a new orchestrated version: MP3: Download:  Kiss you on… Read More »

Xenophilia (the band) on CD Baby

Now available: Xenophilia (the band) on CD Baby. This merry band of name droppers existed for over 10 years and released only one album, thus making it a rare collector’s item sought after by relatives of the band members. Hear song samples of all 11 tracks. It only took me eight years to get this… Read More »

Free Xeno Song: Get Off My Head

Free songs on this site are works in progress. I may delete them at any time, so download it if you like it.  The number of downloads helps me discover which of my songs people like best. Downloading = voting. Free song download: Get Off My Head (mix #2) mp3. Get Off My Head I… Read More »

Some bald ego, to boldly go.

I figure most of you 3,000 to 9,000 people per day visiting this blog to check out the strange news have never heard my band Xenophilia (some of our oldest songs on myspace.) Although I’ve played a few other places solo since then, this photo was from my last gig with Xenophilia. I figure once… Read More »

New free Xeno song: Night with an Empty Bucket

New free Xeno song: Night with an Empty Bucket This song is what happened as I was testing various instruments in Cubase 5 which I just purchased. It is odd for me to write a song with no guitar. Inspired by hearing about people who travel to foreign countries to help people less fortunate, and… Read More »

Free CD, limited time offer

Free CD Offer I’m giving away one of my last boxes of Xenophilia CDs this week. To get your free CD: email me your mailing address. Features two guys from the band CAKE on one song, plus a strange song about Crop Circles. There are a few songs on this CD that I really like,… Read More »

Jason Mraz in concert

It was interesting to see a show with a full band but with no bass player. It still sounded great. Jason’s jokes about what happened to his bass player rocked.  Jason at one point told the audience that he usually puts up a picture of his friend Barack Obama and said that audience reactions were… Read More »

Scoop: Local bands to play at Sacramento Kings games

This pic is from the dinner / info meeting we attended last night Local bands at sacramento kings games, originally uploaded by xeno735. Left: Amy Anne of Xenophilia. Quiz: Can you name the local artist with Amy Anne? Inside scoop: The Arco Arena, to attract new people to sporting events, and to generate new opportunities… Read More »

Xenophilia, Live at Swabbies

Swabbie’s At Metro Marina 5871 Garden Hwy Sacramento, CA 95837 (916) 920-8088 We played about 5 PM to 6 PM, followed by the Alanis Crow Project. This was our first gig with Kendall on bass. Great place, right on the river.

Four unreleased Xenophilia songs discovered

Albert, Amy, and I were working on some a new CD before he went off to find work in another part of the world. Thanks to the magic of MySpace, I found that he has posted some of our work under the name Satellite Dish Gazebo. The ones I wrote are: Mister Nobody, Salvador Dali,… Read More »

Xenophilia at Arco Arena?

Wow. We played a show last Saturday night at Marylin’s in Sacramento with a band called the Alanis Crow Project (I forgot to post it here) and we had some scouts out to see us. One supposedly made an offer to sign us to a record label. Xenophilia is very good luck for bands we… Read More »

New: Free song from today’s Xenophilia rehearsal

Rehearsal at Amy’s for show march 21Originally uploaded by xeno735 Our next show is March 21 @ Luna’s Cafe in Sacramento, CA. Come on down if you are in the area. Luna’s has food and beverages and a nice cozy atmosphere. Free Song Here (Day Dream Believer by Xenophilia – MP3) This is a first… Read More »

My Sacramento Burlesque Show Audition

Tonight Amy Anne and I auditioned for a new Burlesque show that is opening up in Old Sacramento at a club called the SpeakEasy Lounge. Here are some pics of the dance floor, the DJ, some people who auditioned with us tonight and myself and Amy. Click to enlarge: We’ve actually done something like this… Read More »

Bin Laden ‘9/11 video’ broadcast

Compare the noses of Osama. One has a shorter fatter nose. The original Osama (Tim Osman) has a hecka long skinny nose. The real Osama supposedly entered Pakistan the day after 9/11 and died later from Kidney failure. The theory is: Bush knows his business partner and 9/11 patsy expired which is why years ago… Read More »

Live Music: Xenophilia Reunion Show: Sept 9th, Luna’s Cafe

Secret Inside Info: Xenophilia (Xeno, AmyAnne of the AmyAnne band, and Hence formerly of the Jackie Greene band) will perform a short five song reunion set this coming Saturday night, Sept 9th at Luna’s Cafe in downtown Sacramento. (Directions) Sat 9/9: JOHN FARIAS C.D. RELEASE, WILLIAM MYLAR, AMY ANNE (Secretly with Xenophilia). 9 PM. $6

New: the Xenophilia (band) Wikipedia Entry

I wonder how long this Wikipedia Entry will stay up? I did a search and found that Xenophilia had some description of Japanese cartoon tentacle pornography. Man, that’s so gross. SO, I updated it and now you people can learn a few new things, things never before told even on this web site … ooh,… Read More »

Free Download / Free Song: NoLongerNude (~2 MB, MP3)

NoLongerNude (~2 MB, MP3) (right click, save as..) Here’s a new somewhat autobiographical song to get me in trouble with all of my Catholic friends. I figure at this point they know what I think anyway so they won’t be too shocked.