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UFO on the Beltway?

Did you see the UFO on the Beltway? Twitter exploded late Wednesday evening with reports and photos that a UFO landed on the Capital Beltway near College Park. Construction at Kenilworth Avenue had traffic backed up, which escalated concerns that something big was happening. Maryland State Police at the McHenry Barrack have confirmed the aircraft… Read More »

The Kingman Saucer and a Contactee

Back in 1973, a man named Arthur Stansel – using the alias of Fritz Werner – provided the respected UFO researcher Ray Fowler with an extraordinary and controversial affidavit concerning nothing less than an alleged crashed UFO event in Kingman, Arizona two decades earlier. It went like this… “I, Fritz Werner, do solemnly swear that… Read More »

'Montauk Chronicles' Claims Time Travel, Mind Control, Aliens At Camp Hero

“When you walk through the area, you see this giant, imposing radar tower that still stands,” said Christopher Garetano, executive producer, writer and director of “Montauk Chronicles.” “Above ground, there are also huge doors, or bunkers, cemented and sealed into the sides of several hills in the forest area.” Throughout the wooded park area are… Read More »

Impacts Spreading Life through the Cosmos?

… What Tetsuya Hara (Kyoto Sangyo University) and colleagues put forth in a recent paper are their calculations about the ejection of life-bearing rocks and water into space from events like the possible ‘dinosaur killer’ asteroid impact some 65 million years ago, which involved an asteroid 10 kilometers in diameter. It’s a remarkable fact that… Read More »

Dinosaur Killed by Aliens?

Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops driven to extinction by aliens? Brian Switek – … About halfway through the program, Cremo says, “Some researchers found human footprints alongside the footprints of dinosaurs.” The quote is a line out of context from Cremo’s interview, but is played in a section claiming that American Museum of Natural History paleontologist Roland… Read More »

Newly discovered bacterium forms intracellular minerals

A new species of photosynthetic bacterium has come to light: it is able to control the formation of minerals (calcium, magnesium, barium and strontium carbonates) within its own organism. Published in Science on April 27, 2012, a study by French researchers[1] reveals the existence of this new type of biomineralization, whose mechanism is still unknown.… Read More »

Egg-shaped globule could be evidence of life on Mars

An ‘egg-shaped’ object, which was found inside a Martian meteorite that fell to Earth last year, could be final proof of life on the Red Planet. Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe has asserted that the globule from the rock named Tissint is rich in carbon and oxygen and insisted that they could only have been produced by… Read More »

Being big may be our problem

I’ve been having some amazing things click lately. If there is alien life in the universe, why haven’t we detected it? Why haven’t they contacted us? I think they are here, including inside of us. Imagine that we are trying to work out how to move to other planets and how to live for millions… Read More »

NASA’s Alien Contact Scenario

Extraterrestrial beings monitoring Earth might view changes in our atmosphere as symptomatic of a a self-destructing civilization and take drastic action to keep us from becoming a more serious threat, according to a highly speculative scenario developed last year by scientists at NASA and Penn State University. Shawn Domagal-Goldman of NASA’s Planetary Science Division and… Read More »

Why it might not be surprising to find life on Mars

  A few days after the successful launch of NASA’s behemoth Curiosity rover with its Mars Science Laboratory instruments on November 26th 2011, a somewhat muted piece of news came out admitting that the strict biological planetary protection rules had not been adhered to quite as everyone expected. What this meant in practical terms was… Read More »

Did SETI hear from aliens back in 1977?

Did SETI hear from aliens back in 1977? For three and a half decades, the ‘Wow!’ signal – detected via a large radio telescope in Ohio – has tantalised alien hunters, but it has never been rediscovered or duplicated in searches since. But it certainly has now become somewhat of a touchstone, inspiring those questing… Read More »

Lake Vostok: Russian scientists drilling into ‘alien’ Antarctic lake buried for 20m years

Russian scientists drill into Antarctic lake buried under the ice for 20 million years, amid extraordinary claims the Nazis may have got there first Russian scientists have finally drilled down through four kilometres of Antarctic ice to a lake that has been sealed for the last 20 million years. Veteran Antarctic researcher Professor John Priscu… Read More »

Close Encounters of the Giant Kind

For decades, within the annals of Ufology, countless types of apparent alien entity have been reported by startled witnesses to UFOs and their other-worldly crews. The list of extraterrestrial life forms is truly bizarre and includes beings that resemble (a) huge, flying jellyfish; (b) oversized bananas; (c) the Michelin Man; and (d) long-nosed, scrawny humanoids… Read More »

First: Alien Particles Found Invading Our Solar System

For the first time, a NASA spacecraft has directly observed alien particles that came from beyond our solar system, astronomers announced today. The discovery not only gives us a glimpse of what exists in the so-called interstellar medium—the matter between stars—but also offers clues to the anatomy of our local galactic neighborhood. Orbiting Earth some… Read More »

Nick Redfern Explains how the General Accounting Office got involved in Roswell

“…GAO spokeswoman Laura A. Kopelson said the office’s investigation…stemmed from a meeting in October between Schiff and GAO Controller General Charles A Bowsher. Schiff complained then that the Defense Department had been ‘unresponsive’ to his inquiries about the 1947 incident…’I was getting pretty upset at all the running around,’ Schiff said, adding that at his… Read More »

Russian Scientist: Life Spotted on Venus

An article published in the Solar System Research magazine reported Several objects resembling living beings were detected on photos made by a Russian landing probe in 1982 during a Venus mission. Leonid Ksanfomaliti of the Space Research Institute of Russia’s Academy of Sciences published research that analyzed the photos from the Venus mission made by… Read More »

Montauk Project: New Film Takes On Allegations Of Mind Control, Time Travel And Alien Encounters At Military Base

Lee Speigel – In a year when a respected investigative journalist suggested that the Roswell UFO scare may have been the handiwork of Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele and Joseph Stalin, along comes another story involving space aliens and outrageous experimentation on a U.S. military base. Montauk, N.Y. — like Area 51, written about in… Read More »

Anthony Bragalia: New “lie catcher” software: Roswell UFO witness Major Jesse Marcel told the truth

… Two renowned professors at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ have recently stunned the criminal psychology and law enforcement communities with the introduction of a computer program offering an astounding 86%-99% rate of success in lie detection. The creators of this “veracity software” are Dr. Raj Chandramouli and Dr. Koduvayur Subbalakshmi. The… Read More »

South Africa UFO Convention Theory: ETs Raid Earth For Gold

Aliens — much like humans — have been plundering the planet for gold for thousands of years, according to the organizer of South Africa’s first UFO Science and Consciousness Conference, held in Johannesburg last week. “There’s a battle for Earth by some interesting dark forces,” conference organizer Michael Tellinger told News 24. “All the governments… Read More »

Was policeman Alan Godfrey abducted by aliens after UFO sighting?

On Saturday the Courier revealed how 142 calls – many of them from Calderdale – were made to police reporting supernatural happenings. Frantic residents reported witches, ghouls, UFOs and vampires. Today, using material from the Courier archives and the book Yorkshire Stories of the Supernatural by Countryside Books, reporter Ruth Mosalski tells of other unexplained… Read More »

World’s largest telescope underway to spot aliens

British scientists have taken on the leading role in building critical scientific instruments for the world’s biggest optical telescope worth 1 billion pounds which will hunt for life in other galaxies. The European Extremely Large Telescope, the largest instrument of its kind ever built, will examine some of the oldest parts of the universe and… Read More »

President Eisenhower was told aliens are on earth

EX US President Eisenhower was briefed about the presence of extraterrestrial intelligent beings on Earth and was invited to meet alien visitors. Henry W. McElroy, Jr, retiring State Representative to New Hampshire, declared this week that former US President Eisenhower was briefed about the presence of extraterrestrial intelligent beings on Earth. McElroy also said that… Read More »

Lee Cronin: ‘Aliens could be made from iron’

… Even a few decades ago, scientists thought that life was incredibly difficult to assemble from nothing and that we were a once-in-a-universe achievement. But actually I think, and I am not alone in this thought, that the emergence of life on Earth is as probable as the emergence of life elsewhere. And so there… Read More »

Aliens may destroy humans to save the Earth

NASA-affiliated scientists have suggested that aliens may seek to wipe out the human race because of how we have treated planet Earth. In a new report by the Nasa Planetary Science Division at Pennsylvania State University, researchers suggest that alien races could see us as a long-term threat to the environment. “A preemptive strike would… Read More »

Why did Japan surrender?

On Aug. 6, the United States marks the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing’s mixed legacy. The leader of our democracy purposefully executed civilians on a mass scale. Yet the bombing also ended the deadliest conflict in human history. In recent years, however, a new interpretation of events has emerged. Tsuyoshi Hasegawa – a highly respected… Read More »

Jodie Foster Helps Revive SETI ET Search

Actress Jodie Foster is among the many donors who helped raise funds to continue the search for alien life. The Allen Telescope Array of 42 radio telescopes in northern California is used to search for signs of intelligent life in the universe — and it will continue that work after private donors including Foster raised… Read More »

Movie Review: Cowboys and Aliens

As part of my great vacation adventure, tonight I took myself to see the movie I REALLY wanted to see, a manly man movie: Cowboys and Aliens! Yes, I’d read some bad reviews, but make up your own mind on this one, guys. The only problem I had with the entire movie was one scene… Read More »