Car Insurance Row Ends In Terror Charges

By | July 24, 2009

Car Insurance Row Ends In Terror Charges

A man has been jailed on terrorism charges after a heated argument over car insurance allegedly escalated into death threats.

Charles Papenfus, from Ohio, was angered by a letter sent to his family from a firm warning that their car warranty had expired.

When the 43-year-old phoned to complain about the marketing ploy an argument ensued, leading to alleged threats to burn the company down and kill its employees.

It resulted in charges of making a terrorist threat being issued against Mr Papenfus.

He was put behind bars last month after failing to come up with the $45,000 bail (£27,000). The bond has since been reduced to $5,000.

Automated phone calls and mailshots warning of expired factory warranties on cars are common in the US, even if the recipient does not own a vehicle.

In Mr Papenfus’ case, the family did own a car.

But the Ford Taurus was purchased second-hand and never had a factory warranty.

Douglas Forsyth, Mr Papenfus’ lawyer, said both parties on the telephone insulted each other, with a telesales person calling the would-be client names after being accused of running a scam.

Nonetheless, Mr Papenfus was arrested last month and put behind bars in St Louis, home of the car warranty firm TXEN Partners, ahead of a trial.

His wife Tracie said: “He shouldn’t have mouthed off on the phone, but this is overkill.

“He’s not a criminal. They make it sound like he is a terrorist, and he’s far from it.”

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My vote would be that they put the scam company owners in jail and laugh out of town anyone who can’t tell a personal threat apart from a terrorist threat.

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  1. Car Mad Dave

    It is crazy to think how something that seemed so innocuous escalated into something so serious. Sometimes its just not worth arguing.

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