Can you reliably choose a dream to have before sleep?

By | March 28, 2012

20120328-075019.jpgSome people can wake up at exactly a time they choose before going to sleep. I’m wondering if anyone out there can reliably choose a dream they will have before going to sleep. If you can and this is something you learned how to do, how did you do it? I’d like to master this skill. It takes me a long time currently to finally have a particular dream I’m aiming for. Leave a comment if you have any tips.

4 thoughts on “Can you reliably choose a dream to have before sleep?

  1. xrho

    everyones brain is like a “DIVA” dj. if you command it to dream about a certain occasion it will definately show you who is boss by ignoring you. try to imagine what you want to dream about vividly and make yourself believe that its going to happen (about an hour before bed). when you are in bed, try to imagine the exact opposite of your desired dream and believe it. when you close your eyes pretend/imagine that you are dreaming and enjoying the opposite dream until your body is tired/bored/shutsdown.

  2. Daniel Lyon

    I used to be able to do it as a child and also be able to change a nightmare into a good dream while experiencing it but I’ve lost this ability as an adult. I can’t exactly recall how I did it, it was along the lines of thinking about what I wanted to dream before falling asleep.

  3. jim carlin

    google-sylva mind control
    i and they don’t advise taking the course if you are in crisis
    it took me years to asimolate the information

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