Camera Snaps ‘Bigfoot’ Photo In Ky. Back Yard … or a bird.

By | September 9, 2009

Camera Snaps Bigfoot Photo In Ky Back Yard  or a bird

A Kentucky man said his surveillance camera captured something in his back yard last week, but no one is sure what it is.

Kenny Mahoney had the camera in his yard to capture wildlife photos. It fires when it detects motion.

When he checked the camera over the weekend, he found the usual collection of rabbits, raccoons … and something else.”It looked like it had the outline of a head, and, like, gorilla-type shoulders, and then the arms crossed is what it looks like to me,” Mahoney told WAVE-TV Monday.

Mahoney said he doesn’t think he captured Bigfoot on film. But that doesn’t explain what the camera saw, either. Mahoney said whatever it was smashed down weeds and grass as it passed.

His wife took the photo to a wildlife expert on black bears, who said that whatever it was, it was fur-covered. But she told Mahoney’s wife that she couldn’t say for sure it was a bear, either.

via Camera Snaps ‘Bigfoot’ Photo In Ky. Back Yard – Cincinnati News Story – WLWT Cincinnati.

What if Bigfoot just IS blurry?

Here is the video from CNN:

Most likely to me: a foreshortened bird in flight that is close to the camera:

Comment: … I’ve similar foreshortened birds and animals photoed by game cams. If you look closely…the bird is in front of the yellow flower bush. I think you can see its beak turned to the right also…it’s those black birds seen earlier in the video.

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