Californians: Vote YES on Proposition 37, require labeling for GMOs

By | October 29, 2012 just over a week, Californians will go to the polls on an issue that will affect every American — the right to know what’s in our food.  Wherever you live, we need YOUR help to get genetically engineered foods labeled!

For too many years, millions of Americans have been unknowingly eating genetically engineered foods, even though these foods are labeled in dozens of other countries.  But Proposition 37 will require genetically engineered foods to be labeled when sold in California.  Because of the centralized distribution methods of many food manufacturers, the effects will be felt throughout the country.

This is a watershed moment in the fight against GMOs.  But we need your help!

Monsanto, DuPont, and other Biotech and Agribusiness giants are spending over $1 million per day on TV and radio ads that are turning Californians against Prop 37 based on lies and half-truths.  It’s vital that we counter with the power of the grassroots!

* If you live in California, vote YES on Proposition 37 and encourage all your family, friends, and neighbors to do so also.

* If you know people who are undecided, share the information below with them.  With all the evidence that GMOs can harm people’s health, isn’t it time for people to be able to choose to avoid them?

* Consider donating to the California Right to Know Campaign to help counter the misleading ads of the Biotech and Agribusiness giants.  You can donate at

* Can you take a few hours to call California voters?  If you have an internet connection, you can do it from the comfort of your own home with no long-distance charges!  Go to  to volunteer.

Time is running short, and the Biotech industry’s ads are taking their toll.  There are so many ways you can help — by spreading the word through your social networks, donating money, or volunteering your time.  Every person’s contribution, in whatever form, counts in this fight.  Please help pass Proposition 37 in California!

MORE INFORMATION on Proposition 37

The Biotech companies’ main argument against Proposition 37 is that it will cost consumers money by increasing the costs for food processors and requiring vast new armies of government inspectors.  Neither is true!

Food processors change their labels all the time.  Think about how much information is already required on labels, as well as all the statements companies include to try to entice consumers to buy their products.  Prop 37 gives them 18 months to make the necessary change to label GMOs, which is plenty of time to change the label without undue costs.

As for enforcement, Proposition 37 will provide that food is “misbrandedâ€, and therefore subject to enforcement action, if it contains GMO ingredients without disclosing that on the label.  But the law will not create any new permitting requirements nor will it require inspectors other than those the State already has.

The real cost to food processors is the business they will lose if consumers choose to avoid foods containing GMOs.  Isn’t that how the market is supposed to work?  Sellers lose money if they produce goods that buyers don’t want.

Help get this passed and we might be able to reverse the sickness, fatness and stupidity which I expect results from eating foods with which we have no genetic history, no prior biological experience.

Los Angeles — As supporters rallied in front of Los Angeles City Hall today, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed a resolution supporting Proposition 37, the Right to Know ballot measure that would label genetically engineered foods in California. California would join 61 other countries that already label genetically engineered foods, and Prop 37 would also prohibit such foods from being marketed as “natural.â€

“It’s not often that the LA City Council votes unanimously to support a measure, but Prop 37 was a no-brainer. We have the right to know what’s in the food we’re eating and feeding our families,” said Councilmember Paul Koretz, the resolution’s author. “I’m proud to be a part of this true grassroots campaign in our struggle against the biggest pesticide and junk food companies in the world.”

The Los Angeles City Council joins the California Democratic Party, Senator Barbara Boxer, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Congressmen Brad Sherman and Howard Berman, and dozens of other California city and town councils, elected officials and candidates in endorsing Prop 37.

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