By | December 20, 2012

ByeOkay, I’m off to my undisclosed prepper location. It’s been fun! See you on the other side.

Have a great holiday or apocalypse, whichever comes first.


9 thoughts on “Bye

  1. Robert Myrland

    U don’t need to worry at all, nothing is going to happen and if some happens the worst that will happen is that our planet will rotate a bit, creating earthquakes and tsunami-es, but for that to happen the pulse that pulses out of the galactic center every 90 sec has to hit exact on our equator, and its not likely that it will do so even its 90 sec between each EM pulse.

  2. namasteteablog

    If the world ends this year, humans will likely be to blame. Damage incurred from an active solar cycle would be negligible.

  3. arjay001

    Sweet! On a side note: I am willing to make a bet with anyone that the world will not end on 12-21-2012. So far no takers….oh well.

    Have a great holiday season!!


    1. Xeno Post author

      I just got back to civilization, such as it is, today. The end of the world, I see, was survived by billions. Posts, therefore, will resume in a day or two…depending on my holiday shopping success.

      Evoke the Sanity Clause,

      – Xeno

      1. arjay001

        Could be we now exist in an alternate time line where the world didn’t end. The original time line is still waiting for the big bang.

        1. Xeno Post author

          One theory is that we never actually die, we just keep jumping to a different timeline where something happened that let us survive. 😉

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