Bumbling thieves steal rare goat-sheep in Volkswagen hatchback

By | October 15, 2009

THEIVES who stole a handful of incredibly rare goat-sheep were left red-faced today – when police said they would be stuck with them forever.

The mountain beasts – which look like a goat at the front and a sheep at the rear – are so rare there are only a few hundred left in the world.

And, because they are so unusual, every single one on the planet is easily identifiable.

A police spokesman in Dillenburg, Germany, said: “It’s very likely they weren’t professional rustlers because they used a Volkswagen hatchback to transport them.

“They will find them almost impossible to sell on because every single one of them is accounted for around the world.”

The shaggy coated Schwarzhalsziegen were originally bred to survive hard frozen winters in mountain farms around Germany, reports the Austrian Times.

via Daily Express | Odd News :: Bumbling thieves steal rare goat-sheep in Volkswagen hatchback.

Oh yes my friend, the Schwarzhalsziegen are quite real.

http://xenophilia.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/61194l-1.jpgSchwarzhalsziegen beim Hotel Belalphttp://xenophilia.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/287484744_f1ca990f78.jpg

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