British UFO sightings at ‘bizarre’ levels

By | July 10, 2008

Plotted on a map of Britain, the sightings can be seen to stretch from Liverpool to Dover and from Llanelli to Derby.

Whatever the explanation, experts agree that the number of suspected flying saucers has hit unusual highs this summer.

Malcolm Robinson, who studies the phenomenon, said: “Something very bizarre is happening in the skies over the UK.” …

“Some experts believe it could be linked to global warming and craft from outer space are appearing because they are concerned about what man is doing to this planet.”

Among mysterious flying objects spotted in recent months was a ‘glowing’ disc spotted above the M5 motorway.

Royal Navy aircraft engineer Michael Madden said he watched the UFO for three minutes before it ‘zoomed off’ near Weston-super-Mare in Somerset. – telegraph

2 thoughts on “British UFO sightings at ‘bizarre’ levels

  1. Annoyed Person

    Im sorry but thats not britain, thats England and Wales. So do not call it a map of Britain.

  2. Xeno Post author

    Looks like Laura Clout at the telegraph owes the Scots an appology?

    “Great Britain” [sometime shortened to just Britain”] refers to the majority of the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” (UK). It refers to the largest island only, or to England, Scotland and Wales as a unit (though these three countries also include many smaller islands). It does not include Northern Ireland.” – Britain 2001:The Official Handbook of the United Kingdom, 2001, ONS/Her Majesty’s Stationary Office, London, ISBN 011 621278 0

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