Private: Bring ‘em home… and 16 other things we should do.

By | November 6, 2006

Private Bring em home and 16 other things we should do

What a mess Bush has created. Even 400,000 troops might not be enough and we now have under half that number in Iraq. Let’s get out for a bit. Let the place stabilize. It might do so faster if we aren’t there. We could try to keep other countries from going in. I think that’s the real worry of the neocons: if we pull out, some place like Iran will get Iraq’s oil. Meanwhile, the war for those last drops of oil is polluting the planet (military pollution = worst hole in the ozone ever), killing hundreds of thousands of people, etc. Let’s shift gears.

Try these things: 1) Get out of Iraq. 2) Grow bacteria that produce hydrogen and methane. 3) Be honest about Global warming and start fixing it. 4) Be honest about overpopulation and start fixing it world wide. 5) Be FREAKED OUT about the fact that the oceans are running out of fish and start fixing that problem. 6) Open all the evidence of 9/11 to the people of the world and bring those responsible to justice. 7) Eliminate income taxes which are only paying off debt interest, not paying for services. 8) Eliminate the power of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banks to print our money. US govt. should be able to print our own money. 9) Stop vote fraud by having a re countable verifiable receipt, a paper trail. The technology exists for ATM machines already. 10) Stop fluoridating our water. 11) Stop using depleted uranium weapons. 12) Restore Habeas Corpus, the right to seek release from unlawful imprisonment. 13) Dump the Patriot Act which is resulting in violations of civil rights. 14) Close the secret prisons. 15) Stop torturing and bring torturers to trial. 16) Require speedy fair trials based on evidence and laws. 17) Make education a top priority, including lessons in skepticism to avoid another rise of fascism. [ $2.1 billion = 1 Stealth bomber = Annual salary/benefits for 38,000 elementary teachers ]

Okay, what am I missing? Let’s get the top 20 things we need to do to fix the world for the longest term betterment of our entire species.

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