Brain Tumors May be Infectious

By | December 16, 2006

Brain Tumors May be Infectious

… sobering findings reveal the chances of a child developing a brain tumor and cancer elsewhere in the nervous system increase with the more younger brothers and sisters one has.The finding suggests infectious agents might play a role in causing these cancers.

The researchers analyzed more than 13,000 cases of nervous system tumors in Sweden, data collected over the course of more than 70 years. They found people with four or more siblings were twice as likely to develop such tumors as people with no siblings.

The investigators also found there was a two- to four-fold increase in nervous system tumor rates among children younger than 15 who had three or more younger siblings compared to children of the same age who had no younger siblings. They did not see a link between the number of older siblings a person had and these tumors.” – yahoo

For years people have been ignoring Raymond Royal Rife‘s finding in the late 1930’s that cancer is caused by a virus. He also claimed to have found a cure for cancer by killing the virus with radio(?) waves of certain frequencies.? So, this startling new? news was already revealed … 70 years ago.

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