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By | January 16, 2010

AppStoreLinkTonight while checking out episodes of “The Brain Science Podcast” I’m enjoying the episodes on consciousness (although I’m not in agreement that “awareness of self and others” is the best definition), and on free will.

This changed some of my thinking. There are good reasons to believe that “consciousness is embodied, not em-brained.” This makes sense, but I have been thinking of my consciousness as being just in my brain for years.

How does a dynamic systems approach described in the free will podcast integrate with and explain the latest studies showing that your brain decides before you are aware of it when you think you are making a choice?

Another educational moment was hearing a definition of “non-linear systems” that was simply any system with feedback loops.  The brain and body are definitely a big collection of feedback loops.

In the past I was saying, “Consciousness is what it is like to have your particular mental model” but now I’m thinking that freezing just your head would not be a good idea if you want to be brought back to life in the year 3000.

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  1. ruralmysteries

    Xeno, you might also like Episode 44 of the Brain Science Podcast where the guest defines the mind as “The process which regulates the flow of energy and information within the body’s nervous system and between other minds and systems…”

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