Bra that grows rice developed in Japan

By | May 13, 2010

Bra that grows rice developed in Japan A Japanese lingerie company has developed a concept bra that doubles as a rice paddy.

Triumph, makers of other gimmick bras including one that comes with a sushi set and another that comes with solar panels, said it came up with the “rice bra” because of the growing popularity of farming among city dwellers in Japan.

Growing concerns over food safety and the environment, and the ideal of a laid-back rural lifestyle, are attracting more urbanites to agriculture, once the mainstay of Japan’s economy. Rice is also the nation’s staple food.

“Over the last year, young Japanese women have taken a tremendous interest in agriculture. We wanted other women to experience farming as well,” Triumph spokeswoman Yoshiko Masuda said.

“Home kits that allow people to grow their own rice are very popular online. We thought that it would be fun if a bra could give people the same experience,” said Mr Masuda.

The bra, made of recyclable plastic, can be tied together to create pots that also double as the cups.

These are then filled with soil, and rice seedlings, that are watered through a hose that also doubles as a belt that goes around the wearer’s waist.

The bra also comes with gardening gloves. However, greenfingered Japanese women will not get the chance to grow their own bra rice, as the concept bra is not for sale.

via Bra that grows rice developed in Japan – Telegraph.

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