Body refuses to go pale, family asks for death opinion

By | August 28, 2009 of a dead man in Spain asked a doctor to confirm his death a second time because his body showed no signs of going pale hours after he passed away, local officials say.

The 70-year-old died of a heart attack and his body was on display at a funeral home in Lorca, a city of some 90,000 people in southern Spain, when his family noticed that it still had a healthy pink glow, a spokesman for the funeral home said on Wednesday.

They then called in the doctor to confirm that their loved one was in fact dead. The doctor concluded that the man still had a healthy glow, despite having passed away, because the pacemaker he was wearing was still running.

via Body refuses to go pale, family asks for death opinion.

So, the pacemaker was keeping the blood circulating? Does that mean he had a pulse? How is his blood giving him a healthy glow if it has no oxygen? No breathing? A confusing case of someone somewhat undead.

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