‘Body clock gene’ diabetes clue

By | December 9, 2008

'Body clock gene' diabetes clue

… The researchers from a variety of universities in the UK and abroad scanned the genomes of thousands of people looking for associations between particular genetic variations and type II diabetes. A team including scientists from Imperial College London found one genetic “variation” which appeared to be linked to a 20 increase in the risk of type II diabetes. Another including Oxford and Cambridge University scientists discovered a second variation which could be linked to naturally higher blood sugar levels and diabetes risk. However it was the location of these variations on the human genome which suggested the connection to the internal body clock. Both were connected to MTNR1B a gene which helps control the action of melatonin on different parts of the body. Bad sleepers Professor Philippe Froguel from Imperial College said that the findings fitted with earlier research linking sleep problems with obesity which increases the risk of type II diabetes. “For example we know that obese children tend to sleep badly and that people become more obese if they are not having enough sleep. “Our research demonstrates that abnormalities in the circadian rhythm may partly be causing diabetes and high blood sugar levels – we hope it will ultimately provide new options for treating people.” ”

via BBC NEWS | Health | ‘Body clock gene’ diabetes clue.

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