Blogging from the road – Geocaching and Exploring Portland, OR

By | December 26, 2009

The day after Christmas: I’m on the road, visiting Portland, Oregon. News posts will be sporadic, returning in full force in the New Year,  but you are welcome to continue discussing/commenting on stories.

A few minutes ago, after breakfast at a café called “detour,” (where I took the photo below), I used an iPhone app to find my first geo-cache. It was a small plastic container attached magnetically to a gate. Retrieving the log from a plastic baggy, I signed the list and returned it. I loved the treasure hunt even when the treasure was some art in someone’s yard to view. I was tempted to leave a five dollar bill, so the next person would have added excitement, but I’m still not sure of the rules and etiquette, since this was my first one.

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