Greenville, South Carolina, Black Triangle UFO photos, 18th March (2010). Hoax, or the real deal?

By | May 7, 2010

Black Triangle UFO – (March 2010) Greenville, South Carolina – PLEASE NOTE: This is the first of two Blog posts with the second part to follow shortly, this is due to several factors with the main one being the space constraints when posting information such as this to a Blog, however I am also currently waiting for replies to emails I sent out a couple of days ago, and whilst the replies are not really essential to posting further research they would be a great help in being able to state definitively the correlations between these recent images and much, much earlier ones which were alleged to be of a suspect nature.

A little over a week ago back on the 18th March (2010) UFOCasebook (as well as apparently a couple of other websites) published two images of a black triangle captured with an unusually high quality and claimed to have been photographed two days earlier on the 16th March.

It would seem that the ‘witness’ emailed several UFO-related websites (I am still awaiting a definite confirmation for this) but it first came to my attention when UFOCasebook published the witness account and images in their entirety:

Compelling Photographs of Triangle Taken over Greenville, South Carolina

Published: 8:55 AM 3/18/2010, Greenville, SC – 03-16-10. On March 16, 2010… I saw a bright red light coming from a distance. I thought that maybe an airline plane was on fire, and grabbed my camera. Instead, it was a large triangle plane with a very bright, red strobe in the center of it, (almost like it was on fire). It seemed to be climbing in altitude. By the time I went to the backyard, it already entered the clouds and was gone! ;This happened in Greenville, South Carolina at 8:03 PM. Thank you, Mr. H. Source:

Here are the two images greatly reduced in size so click on the respective mage to see the original size photographs as posted by

Upon request the images were quickly supplied as received by B.J. Booth at UFOCasebook complete with metadata intact, and as you can see from the EXIF data there was a time lapse of 13 seconds in between capturing them: In the following images I’ve left the pole just in shot so you can differentiate between the two images (i.e. one on the right and one on the left side of the pole/support which is centred in the image) and I tried to clean them up a little and here they are lightly filtered and enlarged:

And a couple of quick animations to give an idea of the distance the object travelled (as stated by the witness) which are unfortunately too large to post so:

And finally after a cursory check with a more powerful EXIF tool (snoop) it would appear that the image if tampered with (post-processing) was then subsequently edited to remove any trace of this as there doesn’t seem to be any (obvious) digital remnants which would indeed suggest the image had been modified…

3 thoughts on “Greenville, South Carolina, Black Triangle UFO photos, 18th March (2010). Hoax, or the real deal?

  1. John'z Place


    Don’t you ever get sick of the “Mystery” around this stuff.

    You here about it, get excited, start to look into it and then after watching everything there is on it you start to get sick.

    I mean where are these guys going to be when the story comes out. Out of a job I’d say, nothing to report on,cause we know it all.

    Well, if you want to these people get serious about getting a real job just read up on this:

    The Official Breakthrough to “Taming Gravity”!?, (published in Popular Mechanics Oct. 1999 issue).

    OH, but then again once you release that this is all a new subject and not necessarily understood so clearly then read here for why it might not be coming out so quickly:

    Environmental Influences of “Taming Gravity”?!


    PS Comments are always welcome, I’d love to hear what people have to think about the subject once a little educated on it!

    PPS Please do click through to the original article(s) for clarity on the issue.

  2. Hessdalen

    Black triangle UFOs have been observed in Hessdalen (Norway) as well. I’ve written about this in my blog, and how this is taken seriously by academic research groups. The results are amazing, and the conclusions are sensational:

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