Black eyed kids, BEKs. Video: How to be one.

By | September 4, 2008

Are there beings or people among us whose sclera, pupils and iris are completely BLACK? … Perhaps these black-eyed beings are one of the 63 races visiting Earth (this was the last total known according to a retired Air Force officer friend of mine.) Or maybe these beings have the ability to come and go from another dimension that co-exists with ours, which is hopefully not hell. – Ted Twietmeyer on rense

… The Black Eyed Kids reports are scattered around the internet and chances are that a great deal of them are fabrications derived from the first reported accounts. But if the Black Eyed Kids (BEKs) are real, then they certainly deserve a great deal of attention. And for those that are not familiar with the phenomena, a profile might be handy in order to get familiar with the subject. – more at ufodigest

Another way to get big, black eyes: contacts. – from snopes

Here is an interesting acount on abovetopsecret by an unnamed 16 year old.

… I was skateboarding at around 10:30 last night and i had stopped to take a rest when i was approached by two kids one with blonde hair and a baseball cap pointed and a skateboard painted all black on the bottom and the other slightly less intimitdating as he look to be around 8 he had blonde hair also and was wearing a spiderman shirt the older one spoke to me as i had my head hanging low. ” Hey, kid can you help us were lost we need to use a phone can you take us to your house?” I looked up at them and immediatly felt Dread and dispair i stood up quickly sensing something was wrong ” Uh, you can use my cellphone if you want” the older kid seemed annoyed then and look me in the eyes it was then that i noticed they were black all black not in white i could see

” Hey cool contacts where did you get them” i asked  ” There not Contacts” he said flatly ” Yea well sorry i couldn’t help you guys out but im going inside” i turned around and started to ride but somehow the older kid caught up with me and grabbed my sholder ” YOU will let us use your phone WE NEED TO GO INSIDE BUT WE CAN”T IF YOU DON”T TAKE US TO YOUR HOUSE” it was at this point i hit him in the face and ran up the stairs to my house and shook for hours later when i was on the computer i looked outside my window and the kids were staring at the window i told my mother and of course she didn’t belive me – abovetopsecret

This COULD be done by human pranksters. See this:

Greg Bishop writes:

“… this phenomenon seems to have appeared … starting with a 1998 account by reporter Brian Bethel…” – ufomystic

One wonders if the freaky contact lenses were also available in 1998.  It seems possible since soft contact lenses were approved by the FDA in 1971 and the were continually improved.

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